Half Concrete House Design Philippines.

Half Concrete House Design Philippines in an interior began to use as a decorative element rather recently: after industrial style the loft became fashionable. Now they can become a fine background for creation of a fashionable drawing room, a cozy bedroom or a functional bathroom. Color and the invoice of concrete are perfectly combined with other finishing materials, and have a number of indisputable advantages.

The concrete interior of a drawing room can be issued in almost any style, but most harmoniously it fits into the loft and minimalism. Against the background of monophonic concrete surfaces it is possible to create an expressive eclectic interior, or classical composition.

If there are no concrete walls in the house, they can be imitated, and do it on a miscellaneous at the different sizes of rooms.

At the modest sizes of a drawing room for creation of concrete walls in an interior it is better to use decorative plaster, for example, its look as the micro cement allowing to give to a ready covering a set of various shades

Concrete walls in an interior of kitchen allow to choose any options of finishing and color of furniture. The noble dark gray shade will expressively shade both white luster, and bright red facades.

The only thing that it is necessary to consider — the invoice of material. As concrete has a set of a small time, in those zones where the greatest pollution is possible, for example, near a working surface or over a sink, it is better to close a wall with a glass apron. Addition in an interior of kitchen of other elements from concrete, for example, of a table-top or islands, will make it more harmonious.

The concrete interior in a bathroom has one essential advantage — it well takes out the increased humidity. Its rough rough surface contrasts with smooth luster of plumbing fixtures that pleasant contrast brings in a situation.

Terry towels bring additional soft accent in a game of invoices. Honor of walls, a ceiling and a floor can be made light — to leave from prevalence of dark gray color in a bathroom and to avoid feeling of gloom.

Strangely enough, but even in the bedroom which, as a rule, happens the coziest and «soft» in the house it is possible to use decorative opportunities of concrete. In this case the interior should be supplemented with textile elements of the expressive invoice — wool, a flannel, and also fur — for example, in the form of the skin of an animal which is carelessly thrown on a chair or on a floor.

The concrete interior is softened, applying wooden elements — for example, wall panels or from wood, or the imitating wooden surfaces, a parquet board, wooden furniture. Add a cosiness of a detail of a classical decor — a plinth, moldings, modelled elements.