Garden — an island of nature, created by man in his idea on his plot of land. No matter what area you can use for this purpose, every gardener tends to make on this island, he would feel as comfortable as possible.

Comfort in the garden can be achieved in different ways, especially since each person has a state of certain parameters. For some, it is the harmony of the garden, for someone — a place designed for the relaxing in the garden. Someone seeking to plan the space to create a composition on the paper, and then transfers all on the land. Someone set in an empty garden gazebo to relax, and then refines the space that he liked plant species. It often happens that people combine a place to relax and harmonious garden.

Which plants to choose for the garden?
Plants for the garden should be chosen depending on the sunlit space dedicated to landscape design. This factor affects the riot of colors in the flowering of many cultures.

Very relevant plants for garden decoration became perennials. These plants are not very fastidious in the care and do not require annual planting in the ground. Year after year, these plants grow. From flowers and plants can be formed decorative leaf flower beds and flowering lawn.
Among shrubs are in demand species such as acaena, hydrangea, boxwood, spirea. From boxwood hedges can be formed, as well as any figures for the garden, whether it’s a ball, cube or other idea.
Well tolerated shaded areas of the garden fern species such as maidenhair, moonwort, saw fern.
If the area is planned to the presence of a pond or stream, it is perfectly suited crops such as water plantain, willow.

Many owners of gardens are addicted to lianoid cultures, with which you can green the facade of the house or gazebo frame. This course contributes to the creation of additional shaded place. The most popular among them are species such as celastrus, kirkazon, moonseed, ivy, tripterigium.
And in order the garden to please not only during the warmer months are used coniferous shrubs and trees that will be green in the garden throughout the year. The most popular for upgrading the gardens are such species as spruce barbed «glauca Globoza» spruce, Norway spruce «Nidiformis» Picea glauca «Konica» cypress Lawson, cypress «Variegates» balsam fir «Nana», Abies KorKoreana’Silberlok «Pine Mountain» Dwarf «, yew, hemlock Canadian, arbor vitae ‘Aurea Nana’ Thuja occidentalis» Brabant «Thuja occidentalis’ Golden Globe ‘Thuja occidentalis» Danica «Thuja occidentalis’ Little Giant’ Thuja occidentalis’ Sunkist. «

Gazebo in the garden
Gazebo in the garden is given a lot of attention because it is a place for relaxation and contemplation of beauty. On what functional load will carry furniture, it depends on the shape, size and design. If you need furniture, which, alone, you can read or just enjoy the fresh air, it is quite suitable garden furniture for 1-2 people. If you plan to use the gazebo for entertaining or for afternoon tea, it would require a large gazebo with plenty of seats and a table.

When installing gazebos it is necessary to consider one more rule: the person sitting in it, must feel protected from the back, which means that the gazebo should be installed against a wall or hedge.