Furniture transformers with your hands? Great exercise for the mind and hands.

They say that statistics knows everything about us, but is it? It is puzzling lack of things adapted to the small-sized housing. Simple things: a table, a bed, combining two functions into a single object. Where to find them?
I must admit that most people live, does not in palaces, so the theme of the furniture-transformer is extremely interesting to them. And not because they do not recognize the principle of furniture, designed for average apartments. And because the average tables and beds did not fit into their tight housing. And because they are — a young family. And they live in a rented apartment.

And the child they have — one. Second — wait. And the first child is essential for proper development — living space: table — for classes and games, a bed — to sleep. And how good it would be if you managed to combine those things in a comfortable and elegant object? And at the same time save space, in which alone can raise a person. But we must also think about how to raise a second child. It will also need to create decent conditions.
If you are familiar with this situation and you are desperate to find a way out? Know! It exists. And not one. You can take an active search for a suitable transformer. These things, though very heavy and difficult to access for the price, but there is. I have heard that carried a table and a bed from somewhere far away, where better to know about our needs.
And it is possible: to mobilize half-forgotten knowledge of mechanics and scarce skills learned in the classroom school work, do it with your hands.

Pondering how to get to work, you just highlight a few key issues that affect the result:
• the actual size of the space where you want to fit your desk and bed;
• a choice of design options it found such an option, which will create the required amenities;
• your hands and head, or in partnership with someone to modify the idea to make a model of the future and transformer;
• transfer sketch into real dimensions and materials, while maintaining the logic design and repeatedly rechecking them to correspond to reality;
• due to the lack of finished tools and hardware to interface units of your device, you will have to find something suitable, bring it, considering adapting the strength characteristics;
• materials and tools. Or master possessing these things required to you;
What is required tell apart? And in terms of production and in the case when it is necessary that a new charge and make the hands? Pre-made working model or layout, while working on is checked:
• actual performance;
• practical compatibility of elements of the system, which includes your desk and bed;
• Is there enough strength implicit in the model? Would not this transformer threat to the health and life of the child;
Only after passing this way, and with your hands and head, you can make the unique and one-of-a-kind thing that so fascinates you.