FRONT YARD LANDSCAPING ideas. Beautiful courtyard of a private house: design ideas

There is nothing better than to spend time in your garden, especially in spring or summer. To make a stay there even more comfortable, you should consider its improvement. The design of the courtyard is important to create a comfortable space that you can use throughout the year.

1. First of all, play with colors. Doors, shutters, flower pots, patio furniture, painted in fresh, pure colors will have a positive effect on you. Winter yard with bright color accents will delight and uplift. Suitable colors: red, purple, green, blue, red, yellow.

2. Place at the site mini-garden with a small pond. You will get an unusual green island, and will work well for pond an old wooden barrel or unnecessary baby bath.

3. Beautiful design of the yard obtained by using natural materials: a hedge, a bench made of wood, path of cobblestones. Original decoration will be a mosaic decor …

4. A well-maintained lawn — it is the perfect decoration of area at all times. But it is necessary to be ready for its regular maintenance.

5. Small, original details will enliven the garden. It can be a variety of animal figures and fantasy creatures, forgings, ordinary, but unconventionally used items.

6. If not enough place, you can create a a tidy yard, surrounded by hedges, paving stone blocks, equipped with an open fireplace made of stone.

7. The elegance of the garden will add a variety of statues in the ancient style pots with handles, massive bowls of water, mini-fountains.

8. Correct, compact layout allows you to conveniently and functionally equip small beautiful yards of private houses.

9. The combination of wood with a stone in the design always looks rich and noble. A little imagination will help to create a charming garden in the oriental style.

10. Pots with flowers are the perfect design of the yard. They are not demanding of care, they are easily located throughout: along the tracks, on the terrace or the stairs, along the bank of an artificial pond, vertically on a fence or wall. In addition, there is an unlimited choice of both varieties, shapes and colors as the pots themselves.