Front yard — a visiting card of a house.

The front yard — a business card of the house, it will look very impressive, if landscaping is decorated in keeping with the style and architecture of the house. It is also very harmonious effect have front yards, drawn up in accordance with the landscape, thus, as it complements it. Front yard in the countryside have a form completely different from the urban households. It is also very important criteria are the ratio of the front yard of light and shade and soil conditions. For small plots or terraced houses are recommended open the front yard without high fences and hedges: the garden will seem more spacious and have more sunlight.

Those who are just starting to plan a front yard can turn their ideas into reality in a period favorable for planting — it lasts from late September to mid-October. Those who are not able to translate their ideas into reality will require the help of professionals. For decoration and laying surfaces at the site with a new house expertise and assistance worth their weight in gold. The soil in such areas can often be sealed due to the construction work, so before planting the plants, it is necessary to create more favorable soil conditions, loosen or replace it.

Making and laying tracks for the front yard is not too different from the creation of other tracks around the house and in the garden, but they are of particular importance. The reason for this is quite simple: the condition and design of the path of the front yard makes passers, guests and visitors a first impression of the host, and the site in general. The path in the front yard must not only conform to the size and other characteristics of the front yard, but also in harmony with the house.

Before pick up a shovel, the owner of the garden is to know exactly what purpose it will use the front yard: Maybe he wants to arrange porch in front of him or to arrange parking for cars; You can also organize here a place to rest or a flowerbed planted with beautiful flowers. Whichever choice you make, you will in any case have to be considered with the overall landscape and the environment, which may be striking and varied, but can — quite homogeneous. This does not mean that it is necessary to radically change everything, cutting down trees and destroying or severely altering their shape.

There is one aspect that should be taken into account: it is necessary to determine the place in an environment that will give a general atmosphere of comfort area, a garden and place in accordance with the place.