Charm of the rural comfort in the interior in style of Provence
Country style is incredibly diverse, because every country has national characteristics of rural style. In the country-style are reflected the nuances of the culture, lifestyle, climate and natural features. The color palette of country style in each country has its own, it carries shades of the natural environment in a variety of its manifestations. Currently especially popular is French country — style of Provence.

If we talk about the historical background of origin of the French country, it is Provence — a place in the south of France, at the mention of which many just imagine the bright southern sun, beautiful nature, scents of flowers and grass, the sound of waves and the smell of the sea. It can be said that the style of Provence in the interior — it is a way to design provincial rural houses in the south of France.

Provence in the interior — the charm of rural romance
Aesthetics of Provence style has a direct relationship not only with the features of rural life in the southern provinces, it is associated with relaxation in nature, with bright sunshine and azure sea, with hot and bright days filled with romanticism and charm of country life. In the interiors of this variety of country-style, you will not see plastic furniture or ultramodern devices, shine of stainless steel, so familiar for modern interiors will be hidden behind the specially aged facades of cabinets. But you can see the bright finish, so characteristic of country style, natural materials, a lot of fresh and dried plants, textile in rustic manner and only comfortable, but elegant decor.

Village life is slow, measured, all the innovations are integrated with difficulty, which is why the style of Provence loves manifestation of antiquity — shabby furnishings, specially aged surface of materials, antique decor items. But at the same time, interiors are fresh and light, full of purity and simplicity of rural life.

Provence style in interior design — is, above all, color. It is the palette of shades and tones which is given a dominant position. For the decoration are selected mainly pastel shades to achieve the effect of bleached bright southern sun surfaces.

Bright accent spots can be used for decorative elements, furniture and textiles. Natural colors in the style of Provence have a critical meaning, among them are:
• all shades of white;
• beige;
• pale mint;
• pale yellow;
• blue;
• azure;
• orange burnt in the sun;
• lemon;
• terracotta;
• pale green.

Variations of these colors can be used both for decoration and for furniture, textiles and decor.