Fire pits

Why do we need fire pits
The founder of fire pits was a campfire pit — a depression dug in the ground. It served two main objectives: do not allow the fire to spread unchecked and kept the heat for cooking.

Fire pit has the same functions. It is rarely used for cooking, it performs rather aesthetic function. For perfect cooking tandoori oven. Here you can read how to do it with your own hands. Live fire in the evening in the garden or on the terrace creates a lasting impression. But the fire in the garden plant is undesirable, and on a successful site, not every owner agrees to sacrifice his lawn. Open-fire sparks represent a considerable danger, especially if placed on a plot of wooden buildings. A bonfire by the river and tourist tent — is not always a way out.

Fire pit prevents the spread of fire, as retains the tough outside fireplace. The small, portable models, and some are equipped with stationary protective caps to protect the surrounding objects and people from sparks. The entire ash coals, unburned pieces of wood left inside the pit, and not carried by the wind across the site.

How to choose a place for fire
When choosing a site should take into account several factors, of which the most important is safety:
Dimensions of platform — its diameter must be at least 3 m. The distance to the nearest bushes should not be less than 4-5 m, to the deciduous trees — 10 meters, to conifers — 15 meters. To the buildings, especially wooden — not less than 10 m.

The space — the area must be placed so that was not there trees with low-growing branches. If this section is not, you will have to prune branches.
Preferably, the site is located next to the leafy trees. Dry needles erupts at the slightest spark. If next to a camp fire bowl cypresses, firs, pines, it is necessary to cover the fire with a special protective cap.

It is undesirable to leave the vegetation on the site. The best option — the removal of the last layer of the size of the site, the landscape grid strengthening and backfilling with gravel or crushed stone. No less beautiful styling looks rough stone, brick and tile. Even concreting will be a good solution, although not so attractive.

Mobile fire pit theoretically be placed anywhere. But in practice it is subject to the same principles: the rocky flat surface — a model and should be easy to take care of the stability, the lack of low-growing branches, a certain distance to shrubs, trees and wooden structures.