FIRE PIT HOME DESIGN Ideas. Fire pit: styles, ideas.

Quivering of fire, the crackle of wood and a pleasant heat emanating from the fire add a cozy romantic to cool summer evenings. At the same time you can not only enjoy the atmosphere of the evening, but also to cook something delicious for themselves and their friends. Learn how to create a pleasant atmosphere in the garden or on the terrace, without spending much effort.

Fire pit — an alternative to the barbecue
With properly selected accessories for the grill can be fried, even on an open fire. But fire pit, however, can not fully replace the gas grill or barbecue. For someone who likes to just sit around the campfire and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in the evening without cooking steaks and kebabs, fire pit fits perfectly. Nevertheless, it is possible to fry bread or marshmallow that surely will delight children.

What to consider when buying?
When buying a fire pit, it is important to consider its stability and security, so the open fire will not got out of control. Who wants to buy such fire pit, it should also have an appropriate place to put it, not to turn a garden plot or a country house in a large fire. The pit should not be installed in close proximity to flammable items. In addition, the through holes on the sides of the pit may drop burning embers and sparks. It is best to put a pit on the earth, gravel, stone or concrete on the surface. Tile on the terrace is also ideal as a refractory surface. If you still want to put a pit on the lawn you should thoroughly moisten it beforehand, because at the bottom of the basket can be very hot and may damage the lawn or even worse — it lights up.

The pits are made of reliable refractory materials. Along with materials such as iron, cast iron and stainless steel for the manufacture of ceramic pits are also used, clay or terracotta. However, metal optimally suited for manufacturing pits, since it is very durable and resistant to cracking. In addition, adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and direct sunlight is not so much destroy the surface of the metal bowl, unlike the porous surfaces of clay or terra cotta. Who loves open fire and wants to create an atmosphere of romance without undesirable consequences, he would be delighted with such a facility for the fire. And if you are buying follow our advice, then you are guaranteed a nice holiday!