Finishing of the bathroom with wallpapers — 10 amazing ideas and tips.

Wallpapers is constantly coming into fashion, then it goes out of fashion, but it’s always a special style in such a small space like a bathroom.
If you have in the bathroom still old tiles or wallpaper from the horrific nineties, now is the time to begin repairs and give it a whole new look.

1. Expand the space. If you want to make a bathroom seem larger, choose light wallpaper with a small figure.

2. Create an accent. If you are not ready to hang the entire bathroom, or have acquired only a few meters of luxury wallpaper, they emphasize only one wall, and the rest — to paint the same color.

3. Take a chance. Bathroom — a small room with a few pieces of furniture. This allows you to choose to contrast with the trivial furniture, bath or shower, wallpaper with colorful and rich patterns.

4. Less is better. Avoid wallpaper with contrasting shades or saturated drawing, if you would like to maintain a simple and clean interior.

5. Washable wall. Most wallpaper is washable, available also moisture resistant and water resistant wallpaper.

6. Protection from water. Cover the surface of the wallpaper by one or two layers of transparent acrylic varnish to protect them from moisture.

7. Get creative. Think of your bathroom as a box in which it will make an enchanting wall, glamorous and elegant sanitary accessories.

8. Pay attention to the step pattern. Take the wallpaper with a pattern, repeated more frequently than every 30.5 cm — a way to see the short walls of the small bathroom three or four repetitions of the main motif.

9. Add the light. Brighten the bathroom without windows, you can use a simple trick — reflective wallpaper paste over it, which would add to the reflection of light from mirrors, ceilings, plumbing gloss.

10. Put wallpapers on the ceiling. Glue wallpaper to where you least expect to see them — to the ceiling. This trend has attracted many designers, but most of them just do not do it solved.