Finishing of the bathroom with tiles.

Nowadays, classic bathroom design — is finishing it with tiles. And no wonder, because the tiles — ideal for the bathroom, it is absolutely not afraid of water, it is extremely durable, and contemporary tile design allows to realize any ideas.

Types of tiles in the bathroom
Varieties of decorative materials for the bathroom there is a huge amount, but tile has long established itself as the best material for this room, besides, varieties tiles very much, so use it to create any design not be a problem.

1. The textured tiles. Today, there are a huge range of textured tiles to create an interior bathroom in various styles you can choose a tile that mimics natural stone or wood, as well as a wide range of tiles with various prominent figures and ornaments.

2. Matte tiles. This type of finishing material has been successfully used in the creation of «quiet» designs as in a light version looks best. This tile is perfectly suitable to create a design in the «natural» style, as perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a natural green, blue and other natural shades.

3. glossy tiles. This material is more common in the design of bathrooms, as the glossy tiles is much easier to care for, it is best washed by soap and soap residue. The range of colors is huge, so it can help to draw a bath for every taste.

4. photo tiles. This tile will cost a bit more expensive factory as its design, you can choose yourself, but its appearance will not leave anyone indifferent.

5. Mosaic. Very unusual and beautiful solution in the interior of the bathroom. For the walls, you can select a normal or mirror mosaic, it will look good in the finishing of the entire wall, and in the design of its individual parts.

The benefits and features of using tiles in bathroom design
Undoubtedly, tile is a finishing material number one for the bathroom, it has a huge number of advantages compared with other materials:
1. Tile does not accumulate on its surface mold and mildew, so it is a very hygienic material for the walls and floor.
2. It does not transmit moisture, quick and easy to clean.
3. Tile fireproof, unlike other materials she does not burn and does not create opportunities for the fire.
4. Has high strength, so the risk of damaging the tiles virtually zero.
5. Species tiles, very much, and price ranges to it too, so you can easily pick up the material for finishing without compromising the wallet.