Finishing of the bathroom with plastic panels.

Bath is often necessary to clean up, so you need to choose the material, not only as a beautiful, durable, but also easy but in the daily service. As always in this room humidity, we recommend that you trim panels PVC. They have a number of advantages:
• PVC Plates strong and durable, can withstand the load.
• Ease of installation eliminates the need for construction crews and save money on this.
• Do not rot or warp when exposed to moisture.
• Do not lose color and does not tarnish in the operation.
• Do not afraid of aggressive detergents, which are used to remove plaque water.
• The technology allows the installation produce global construction works: the alignment of the walls with plaster, putty.
• facilitate mounting additional accessories: corner, transition strips, terminal and ceiling elements.
• The panels mimic tile, mosaic, stone, marble and other materials.
• You can buy low cost options, or order a panel with a pattern applied on the siding thermal method.
There are small tweaks that make the bath an unusual and visually push the wall. Let’s look at options for finishing the bathroom:
• An interesting effect gives the use of panels in the corners of the room imitating dark wood, and the main area is decorated in light marble.
• One of the walls: for a bath or wash basin make brighter, with textured pattern. At the same time leave the corners of the pitch. Thus, you get an interesting effect of «architectural mirror.»
• On the front wall, it applies the dark panel in the future they will become a basic background for mirrors and metal accessories.
• In small rooms do not use PVC panels of dark color for decorating all the walls, it’s visually transform the bath in the «box».
• You can buy a panel of the same pattern and different colors. Mounting panels start with dark tones and bright finish. It will make its own «flavor» to the room design.
• Remnants of plastic can «sew» the bottom of the bath.