Wood helps not just to transform any room, making it cozier, this type of trim is suitable especially for adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to today’s technology accurately process the material and the use of paints makes it possible to convert any, even highly intricate interior.
Finishing bath with wood will simulate wood of any expensive breeds to achieve the desired color and structure.

Taking into account the high demands on the material and the room, it is advisable to select a special breed of wood material:
• The tree should have a low coefficient of deformation.
• Limit moisture resistance.
• opposition to the spread of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus.
Given all these requirements, you can choose the right material.
These species include:
• oak;
• ash;
• elm.

Today renovated bathrooms imply different combined finishing of a variety of wood.
In a place where the humidity is increased, apply a water-resistant tree species, such as:
• merbau;
• bamboo;
• Cork tree;
• tick;
• cedar;
• larch;
• Beech and others.

The zones in the bathroom, do not suffer from excessive moisture, get off material from any wood.
In what form is used the material wall decoration bathroom
Wood trim in the bathroom is made with different materials.
The most popular among them are:
Laminated board.
Wooden wall paneling.
The one-piece array.
Veneered boards.

Protection of wood against moisture
Varnishing — the most common way to save a tree in the bathroom of the increased moisture and keep its original look.
• with varnish can be coated as exotic and local woods. To do this, you can only use paints with water-repellent properties.
The film of the water-repellent lacquer never departs from the surface does not crack and it prolongs life and saves overall view of wood. It is advisable to repeat the spraying tree in 5-7 years.

• Covering tree oil — the most effective way to protect against excessive moisture, as the oil fills even the smallest cracks in the tree. Although effective protection, cover with oil gives a lot of disadvantages: after a while the wood in the bathroom dim and prevent this from happening, you need to repeat the treatment every month with oil.
Even wood, treated with oil, looks much darker than natural, especially on the photo.

• Toning — this is also a kind of protection, but more often it is used to simulate the color of valuable rare woods. To maintain the desired color toning process should be repeated in 2-3 years.