Federation Home Builders Queensland

We bring to your attention an excursion on rooms of one Australian house located on the ocean coast. The bright sun, a clear sky, light sand and azure waves of the ocean found reflection in registration of an interior of the private house.

The facade of the building is painted in snow-white color, in contrast to it act dark registration window and doorways, gray facing of a roof. Rather big ledge of a roof provides some kind of canopy on the first floor. In a shadow of the received terrace several recreation areas in the fresh air settled down.

The soft recreation area under a canopy Federation Home Builders Queensland was made of wooden garden furniture with soft removable seats and backs. The combination of a deep blue shade of an upholstery and light wood create a message to sea style, reminding of an unusual arrangement of a mansion and proximity of the ocean.

Original little tables supports and green plants in big rectangular tubs finished an image of convenient, comfortable and esthetically attractive vacation spot in the fresh air.

Besides a recreation area with soft sofas, on a wooden scaffold the lunch group made by an oval wooden table and dark blue chairs on a metal framework settled down. What can be better than a meal in the fresh air? Only a family lunch or a dinner under noise of a surf and overlooking the ocean.

One more lunch group as a part of which a wattled table and chairs from a rattan of dark gray color, settled down on the backyard. And let from this place it is not visible the ocean, but a set of green plants, attractive landscaping of a court yard compensate this shortcoming, creating the pleasant and inspiring atmosphere.

But we will return to our main goal and we will consider more attentively an interior of the Australian mansion.

Getting to spacious rooms of a household on the ocean coast, we are dipped into the cool atmosphere of the respectable dwelling. When on the street the most part of year there is a heat, there is a wish that the house situation gave not only coziness, comfort and pacification, but also a cool. Snow-white finishing of spacious rooms and use of some shades blue for furniture helps to cope with this task. On all house, for example, open regiments will often meet an original decor and not only on sea subject.

Practically at once, having come Federation Home Builders Queensland into the house, we see the table zone fenced with a glass screen from the room of a hall. The round table from light wood and wooden chairs painted in a gray-blue shade with soft seats made lunch group.

Added simple, but at the same time an elegant situation of the dining room a picture with a sea landscape and original composition from suspended lamps with the transparent plafonds located at the different levels.