Features of kitchen design in classic style.

The basic rules of interior decoration
If the modern style of the interior allowed free interpretation of common design rules, about the classics that certainly can not be said. This style, like all others who have architectural embodiment, loves precision in every detail.

The rules for design for classic kitchens:
• allowed to use warm, bright colors; it is important to avoid flashy colors and massive figures;
• welcome naturalness in everything; this applies to both colors and materials for the performance of the furniture;
• You can use the low-key classic pattern in the design of the walls;
• ceiling should be white;
• the floor is best to lay a laminate or tile, selected in tone.

To create a really full classical kitchen is needed the significant area. Only then all the decorative elements will look organically. But the owners of small kitchens do not be upset, because a piece of the classics can always pour into the existing design stream. The main colors of the old-style structure will make the room bigger and brighter.

Furniture and Appliances
Furniture on the classic kitchen — this is the most original and expensive throughout the interior. Furniture can be chosen of the most daring shapes. Welcome curls and roundness, but it does not apply to other elements of decor. Classical kitchen furniture must be made of natural materials. As you know, this is an expensive pleasure. That’s why most refuse to kitchen design in a classic style. It is appropriate to put antique cupboards, a headset with opening cabinets made of oak, alder, wenge or cherry. The main emphasis is always on the kitchen table. It must be massive, preferably wooden. Countertops are also better to choose from natural materials.

Classical kitchen — a rare place where there will have an organic look restored old models of household appliances. But this does not mean that the new instances will not find here the application.

Lighting and textiles
The color scheme of curtain lace and curtains should not contradict the general canons of classics. Addition of fabric should not create powerful waves on the screen. It is advisable to choose the type of light texture organza or chiffon. It will be good to look in the windows of white linen.
It is desirable that the lighting of a classic kitchen was direct. Chandeliers are more preferable then spotlights. They must be in bright colors.

Permissible gilding.
Classic kitchen — is a traditional luxury. If you have enough space, finance and courage, you can re-create it in your home. It will continue to rejoice, it is nice to be on and prepare food. You will feel the space and complete freedom of action at this kitchen.