Exterior of houses in Alpine Style.

One of the main features of the exterior of a country house in chalet style — sloping gable roof with large protrusions (the length of which reaches two meters). The purpose of these «shelters» is to protect the facade of a building on the peculiarities of weather phenomena. As a rule, such roof is covered with tiles with elements of wood, often is done decorative carving.
Tradition of construction of houses in the style chalet is its following location in relation to the cardinal points: the main facade is always looking to the east, and the living room trying to design so that the sun throughout the day evenly illuminates all the rooms.

Currently, for the construction of the ground floor is used not only stone (due to the high cost of natural materials), but also brick or concrete. Stone (natural or synthetic analog) can only be used for facing the first floor. With regard to the attic or second floor, the tradition of its performance of timber or logs is preserved. House in chalet-style must have a roomy balcony, large windows, a spacious veranda (glazed or not).
Chalet style, which is also called Alpine, liked a lot of wealthy people, despite its simplicity and «rural» origin. The cozy appearance, and durable capital structure, the use of eco-friendly materials in the original manner — all this attracts those wishing to dip into nature, while retaining the comfort and convenience of the modern world. Indeed, in the exteriors and interiors of houses in the chalet style can be harmoniously integrated not only the modern household and digital technology, and alarm systems, fire extinguishing and security communications.

In modern suburban homes performed in the chalet style, glass surfaces are used more and more. Stone and wood materials has not been canceled, but the fact is that in the presence of the beautiful scenery around, homeowners would like to have as many opportunities to observe the changes in the nature from of their own windows as possible. And for this the window must be large, panoramic. Besides, the problem of bad weather, which forced the Alpine herdsmen fulfill their windows in chalet small is now irrelevant. Modern energy-saving glazing are able to endure any weather.

Modern houses in chalet style seek high, but firmly stand on the ground. In the projects of our time we offer more intensive glazing, including terraces and porches. Buildings acquire a clearer shape and clean lines, simplicity and reliability are transferred intuitive feeling, inspiring a sense of calm to homeowners and their guests.