Explain Types Of Warehouse

Warehouses can differ by the sizes, a design, extent of mechanization of warehouse operations, by the form warehousing, on functional purpose. The warehouse can be a link in a chain of the movement of production of production appointment (warehouses of raw materials, finished goods, specialized warehouses, etc.), or to be on the site of the movement of consumer goods (warehouses).

Classification of warehouses to destination

Warehouses are used in all functional fields of logistics: purchasing, production, distributive. In each of them functioning of a warehouse is connected with a certain specialization and appointment.

All types and types of warehouses, depending on various signs, classify by the integrated groups:

  • to purpose, types or degree of likeness of the stored materials;
  • to type of the building or its design;
  • to coverage and location;
  • fire resistance degrees.

At classification of warehouses to destination warehouses are subdivided on:


intra production,

marketing and transport organizations.

Material warehouses specialize stored the raw materials, materials completing, etc. production of production appointment and carry out supply of the making consumers. Intra production warehouses are a part of organizational system of production and are intended for ensuring technological processes. In these warehouses work in progress stocks, devices, tools, spare parts etc. are stored.

Marketing Explain Types Of Warehouse warehouses serve for maintenance of a continuity of the movement of goods from the sphere of production to the sphere of consumption. Their basic purpose consists in transformation of the production range in trade and in uninterrupted providing various consumers, including retail network. They can belong both to producers (finished goods warehouses), and to trade enterprises (warehouses of wholesale and retail trade).

Warehouses of the transport organizations are intended for the temporary warehousing connected with movement of material values. Here carry: warehouses of railway stations; cargo terminals of motor transport, sea and river ports; terminals of air transport. Depending on a look or degree of likeness of the stored materials warehouses subdivide on universal and specialized. Universal warehouses are intended for storage of various types of materials (as a rule, it is the central warehouses at the industrial enterprises).

Store one or several sibling species of materials in specialized warehouses. Warehouses Explain Types Of Warehouse of fuel, metal, burdening, electro technical, chemical materials, etc. belong to such warehouses. Depending on type of the building or a construction distinguish the ground, half-closed and closed storages, and also warehouse devices of a special design. Open are platforms with a hard coating (raised and slightly inclined) on which the reserve of material or the products which are not exposed to atmospheric and temperature actions is concentrated. Half-closed are canopies for protection of materials against an atmospheric precipitation in windless areas; canopies with 1 — 3 walls protect materials from hit on them an atmospheric precipitation under the influence of wind and protect the people working under canopies. The closed warehouses happen one-stored, multistoried, heated, not heated warmed and should warmed. Special warehouse devices are constructions of bunker and reservoir type.