English Tea Room Santa Rosa

The interior of the apartment or the house trimmed in the spirit of Britain combines the European classical severity, elegance and grace, laconicism of forms and restraint. In a word, the atmosphere of aristocraticness which represents the owner as the wealthy person with delicate refined taste reigns here.

Bedroom in the English style

Being the main piece of furniture in this room, the bed in the English style has to be high, with a carved wooden headboard or a soft upholstery. It is often possible to meet registration of a bed by a canopy – a canopy from monophonic heavy fabric or fabric with a flower ornament. Near a bed surely there has to be a bedside curbstone.

Quite often in a bedroom the fireplace English Tea Room Santa Rosa is equipped or it the artificial version is decorative. The abundance of textiles in registration of the English bedroom is welcomed. It – and ruches on a cover, both volume curtains, and rag floor lamps. Surely at a bedroom there is a big soft carpet. In general, the room turns out very cozy and warm.

Hall in the English style

Crossing a house threshold, the guest forms the first opinion on it and on his owner in a hall. If all other house is executed in style of Great Britain, English Tea Room Santa Rosa then and the situation of restraint and an exclusive delicacy has to reign here. The corridor in the English style often assumes existence of panels and cases from a dark tree, a convenient soft banquette for bigger convenience, a plaster stucco molding on a ceiling, the overestimated plinths, wall-paper with the striped or checkered drawing, a tiled or wooden floor with the classical drawing or an ornament.

Office in the English style

In an office the atmosphere of strict luxury is especially strongly felt. Such effect thanks to exclusively qualitative materials and furnishings is reached. The upholstery and curtains in the English style also play an important role in formation of the correct feeling. They have to be soft and heavy. Antiquity objects, impressionistic pictures, numerous regiments with books in expensive cover, a representative leather chair and upholstered furniture for guests, wooden panels on walls – all this does a situation respectable and expensive.

Bathroom in the English style

As well as in all other house, in a bathroom there should not be shouting shades and tasteless objects. Each detail is impregnated with refinement and nobility here. The tile in the English style for a bathroom is chosen quiet tones, with the unostentatious drawing. As an alternative – walls can life are painted by pastel paint. Method of two-color walls with a divider border is quite often used. The ceiling can be decorated with a modeled decor and is added with a beautiful chandelier. The bathtub often costs on low curved legs – it emphasizes aristocraticness of a situation.

Basis of the English style in an interior is the harmonious combination of Georgian and Victorian styles. From Georgian he takes restraint and the verified proportions, and Victorian adds to it wealth and chic. Such combination allows to receive faultless and cozy design. It is chosen by people conservative, committed to traditional values and preferring the quiet and reserved atmosphere.