English Tea Room Covington Menu

It is known that the majority of styles of an interior appeared not in itself, and were created under the influence of many factors — cultural, historical and art. Classical English style is not an exception. Having taken sources of registration of living spaces from traditions of the Middle Ages, it reached our time with essential amendments. Differing in pronounced distinguished aristocratism, it can seem a little prudish or even old-fashioned, however hardly anyone will undertake to argue with its relevance. Classical interiors are always demanded as in them accurate strict forms, the correct proportions, reserved colors and shades, symmetry prevail.

Features of the English style

As characteristic features of the English style are considered:

— aristocratism;

— refinement;

— severity;

— conservatism.

Why they? The answer to the matter is simple: the main characteristics of this style which are considered as sure signs of a traditional English situation were created at the time of government of the Queen Victoria .
The modern interiors sustained in the English style differ in existence of the following elements of a decor and furniture:

— stone wood furnaces;

— a fireplace (it is possible even not one);

— heavy majestic curtains at windows;

— wooden furniture of dark tones with it is characteristic curved legs (chairs «with ears», sofas Chesterfield, bookcases).

It is supposed English Tea Room Covington Menu that from below walls have to be decorated by panels from wood of noble breeds, and in the middle to have a stylish covering in the form of wall-paper and tapestries. Wall-paper is used special too: smooth, with brilliant patterns, in a floret and with the alternating strips. In an interior existence of gilded and copper elements, crystal ware and vases, heavy classical mirrors, portraits, photos and, whenever possible, family relics which will visually show how tremblingly and lovingly you treat history of the family, its customs and values is welcomed.

Classical English style

In those days, when the English Tea Room Covington Menu style only began to be formed, about any household appliances and the speech could not be. In this regard, not to destroy a charm of interiors, it is accepted to remove necessary household appliances in special niches and lockers. The highlight of similar design consists in erasing perception border between ancient traditions and the present; for this reason for decoration of the walls use, as a rule, at once several materials.

The leading role is assigned here to earlier mention wooden panels which, however, close only the lower third of a wall. Moldings, pilasters, consoles, plinths and plat bands sustained in one color scale with walls are widespread. But in certain cases, to carry out visual differentiation of space, they are painted in other color. For dressing of the top sites of a wall usually take opaque paint or dense wall-paper. They can be monophonic, two-ton with a gold pattern on a smooth opaque background, in a floret, in a wide dark green or dark red strip, with alternation of thin and thick strips.

In the English interior there are two main options of registration of ceiling space: it can be wooden with cross beams, or sustained in light tones with stucco molding elements. Also do not forget about important attribute — a massive chandelier in the center of the room. To create original design, admirers of this style should get rid of plastic windows, having replaced them with qualitative wooden analogs. For internal decoration of windows existence of wooden figured eaves and curtains from dense fabric which at desire can be added with lambrequins with a fringe is obligatory.

As for a floor covering, in a drawing room traditionally use a type-setting parquet, and from above put a rug with the small drawing (usually it plants of creamy color). For the hall, kitchen or a bathroom the ceramic tile perfectly will approach. The bathroom is trimmed with a large square tile, and the bathtub has to stand on shod legs. If in view of limited space you have to establish a shower cabin, then the engraved door will help to support spirit of the English style.