Energy pod ideas.

Capsules for sleep: a short sleep at work profitably for business
With the help of the contemporary furniture solutions you can significantly improve the efficiency of office work, to get some cheerfulness, mood, health and, ultimately, to gain more loyalty of the staff. These devices — capsules for sleep are designed particularly for this.

Many researchers — economists and physiologists — agreed: short naps lasting 20 minutes, if it is properly organized, increase labor efficiency in 30%. But how to organize such a sleep in the workplace? And is it possible? It turns out that it is possible and to everything required for this has already been invented, developed and implemented. These are unique furniture inventions. They are ergonomically designed space solutions made in order any employee of the office could have a right rest without embarrassing and worrying. And as his sleep will be properly organized by a team of researchers through unique design solutions based on high technology, this rest will not take a lot of time and will increase the efficiency and loyalty of the staff member.

EnergyPod — armchair under a rotating cupola that provides a complete three-phase sleep in a special program i20 within 20 minutes. It is equipped with a professional speaker BOSE for the implementation of the unique sound program, conducting your sleep. The ergonomic design of the product fits perfectly into the business interior. Developments of the object underway since 2002 under the auspices of the US National Association of sleep. The product is used in the offices of Google, Siemens, PricewaterhouseCoopers and other progressive companies around the world.

Napshell — is something between a chair and a bed. Premium class product is performed on the concept of «room in the room» that limits personal space as comfortable as it can be without creating a sense of isolation, even for people who are prone to experience claustrophobia. It is designed for short daytime rest for 20-30 minutes. At this it has a futuristic exterior design, which produces the most favorable impression on every visitor. Developments underway since 2004 under the order of «Daimler» management with the participation of the company’s industrial designers and physiologists of the University of Stuttgart. Among the clients — DaimlerAG, Bristol-Myers, Jeppesen, spa-hotels in Switzerland, networks of special salons for relax with Napshell as a key element in Germany and private customers. The manufacturer of the product and all its parts and labor — Germany.