Duplex House Plans Indian Style 30×40

House duplexes what is it

The choice of future housing for many makes the real problem: there is a lot of offers, and without special knowledge it is sometimes difficult to understand, what is better. For example, what is Duplex House Plans Indian Style 30×40?

Actually it buildings for the isolated accommodation of two families. They remind the isolated cottages a little and have advantages of a townhouse, however are deprived of a number of its shortcomings.

Pluses and minuses of the house duplex

Positive characteristics are:

High profitability: economy of the land plot, costs of construction of walls and internal communications, heating during the autumn-winter period.

Much bigger isolation in comparison with the apartment in a townhouse. Often provide the big land plots from 4 to 15-20 hundred parts for service of one apartment that is feasible thanks to existence of only two parts of housing construction. Here the isolated entrance for a car, own garage is possible, improvement of the adjacent territory is carried out by landscape compositions, recreation areas. Someone fulfills the dream, having put own garden, having broken flower beds.

Scope, big living space (from 100 sq.m), very convenient planning. Existence of the terraces and balconies decorating all building in general. It is possible to breathe fresh air, without leaving the house, to have a rest quietly from daily vanity, admiring the opening view.

All advantages of a country mansion are combined with convenience, comfort of city housing. Step availability of shops, educational, child care facilities. Life delights «on the earth».

Houses duplex make the serious competition to city apartments of a business class, having much more advantages in comparison with life «on floors». Children can play in own court yard, and parents to have a rest in a shadow of trees, having organized a small picnic in the fresh air.

The arrangement of rooms is thought over to trifles: the first floor traditionally contains a spacious drawing room, the kitchen-dining room, guest room, a bathroom, the storeroom, a terrace, sometimes a garage. On the second floor several bedrooms, a bathroom, two bathrooms — for owners and general purpose.

Duplex is not enough shortcomings of houses, if at all is. Repair, of course, should be coordinated with the neighbor that for many is inconvenience.

Acquisition of such apartment will become the real event in life of any family: convenience, beauty, joy of communication with wildlife is at the moderate price in comparison with purchase of the whole cottage.