Duplex House Exterior Design Pictures In India

Today the real estate market dazzles with the variety of the choice of types of houses. Duplex houses enjoy the increasing popularity. For the first time such houses were built in Great Britain, and now extended to the territory of the Western European countries and meet also in the former Soviet Union. The very different choice of projects of houses of duplexes allows combining beautiful modern style with a practicality and comfort.

Duplex houses are some kind of two certain houses, connected in one cottage. Construction of such house assumes accommodation in it two families. Therefore a building facade the general and internal planning is made in such a way that two families can live independently from each other. Respectively all entrances and exits; communications are installed for each part of the house separately. The personal plot of the small sizes which often does not exceed 8 hundred parts adjoins to duplex.

The Duplex House Exterior Design Pictures In India differs from usual cottages a little, but in construction of the dual house there is a set of the nuances. Very important in design of such house that both parts were autonomous, and their owners were provided with the equal rights and opportunities. This feature needs to be considered at the choice of a location of the house on a personal plot and its construction. Placement on the site concerning parts of the world is of very great importance in construction of duplexes. As how windows will be lit with daylight, equality of hosts depends. In design of duplexes it is possible to choose the house of any form, but it is most often used square and rectangular as such option the most practical.

Duplex is two houses under the same roof therefore construction can be carried out only at a time on both parts of the house. All fundamental designs are built together, the continuous base is also filled in, walls are put up, the roof and so on is established. In construction of duplexes apply uniform technology, the general materials on all house in general. It is impossible to allow any disagreements in construction in the future not to break a design.

External design of the house directly depends on wishes of owners who agreed on this issue among themselves. Facades of duplexes can be executed absolutely in the most various decisions and styles. But among owners of houses of this kind modernist style, hi-tech and American enjoy bigger popularity. The choice of style of a facade very different therefore making the decision, it is necessary to make a start from personal preferences and a financial position.

All duplexes can be divided into two types there are the economic class and luxury. Classification speaks for itself. Economic class duplexes are calculated on average families in small structure as economy is carried out due to reduction of total area and use of cheaper construction materials, and also due to simplification of functionality and appearance of the house. Duplexes luxury of a class is, as a rule, built to several floors. In construction usually use the most expensive materials, houses are more functional also comfortable.