Do yourself: Transfer of the photos on wooden canvas.

Today we have a small tutorial on how to transfer photos on a wooden plank. The transfer process is very simple, you can do it both alone or with children.

You will need:
• photo or any other image printed by a laser printer (it is better to use black-and-white image, bright colors are not suitable for this task)
• acrylic gel medium (you can buy it on e bay or in the artistic shop)
• acrylic varnish (you can take a colorless furniture wax)
• brush for applying gel
• wooden plaque of suitable size


Step 1: Apply the gel on the surface of the wood. The layer of gel should be neither too thin nor too thick. If the layer is too thick, it will be difficult to pull out the paper. Too thin layer — and the paper is simply not glued, so that the print is not printed on the tree. Therefore it is necessary to follow to get a good, even layer.

Step 2. Carefully put our photo face down on a tree. Next, with a ruler, roller or any other suitable object smooth the surface of the photograph thereby removing bubbles of air.

Step 3: Give the photos to dry thoroughly, it is advisable to leave it on overnight and make sure that nobody touched this design!

Step 4. Remove the paper from the wood. The easiest way to do this is using a wet sponge or your own fingers, pre-moistened paper very well with water. The whole process must be repeated several times and takes about 10-20 minutes.

Step 5. If you wish, you can make the photograph a little bit more older — for this you should rub the edges with sandpaper to remove the remnants of the gel and to trim the tree. Also, you can apply a thin layer of stain so the image gets a little dark, mordant should be left only a few seconds and wipe it with a cloth. Finally, cover the picture with acrylic lacquer or wax soft and let it dry. Done!