Different Types Of Mold In Home

Various types of a mold can «colonize» your dwelling. At first sight, everything, than they differ among themselves — it is color of a mold. But is not present, actually it is much more signs. Skilled experts pay attention and to the structure of the cells of a fungus.

Different Types Of Mold In Home are noticeable on pictures and pictures taken in the increased scale: the structure their dispute can be florid. How fancifully fungus threads among themselves intertwine, also speaks about much. However it is fundamentally possible to study structure of a mold only under a microscope. On a photo it seems only a dark stain, sometimes with a fleecy surface. What types of a mold and what specifically they are dangerous by happen?

Black color of the mold menacing to you – one of most widespread «colors». Besides this look brings into panic of owners of apartments and private houses, such fungus is swept most up on any sort surfaces. However the black mold is not one look, it is the whole group of various subspecies of a fungus which get a similar shade at different stages of the development.

If a mold on walls – a problem which to you «has the luck» to face you do not hurry to panic. It not always means that something threatens health and health of your members of household. Nevertheless rather you establish with what look you deal, rather will understand what consequences can be expected from a fungus and as actually to remove it.

Askomitseta, or more widespread name the green mold, is microscopic mushrooms which also quite often cause to people a great deal of trouble. In most cases their disputes live in organic materials, sometimes they contain in compost or the soil. On appearance such mold reminds a moss a little, it possesses a saturated green shade and has an uneven surface. In what danger of a look under the name a green mold is covered?

All the matter is that it often strikes foodstuff, for example, vegetables. At the same time if you noticed only the first signs of its emergence, do not hope that you will remove the struck layer from a product and you will be able to use the same vegetables. This type of a fungus actively gets inside and at once infects fabrics therefore there are vegetables or fermented milk products after infection with their green fungus is fraught with serious poisonings.

Whether Different Types Of Mold In Home there can be a pink mold in the house? It does not strike surface per se, does not settle on walls or ceilings, however can appear on the vegetable remains or products of rotting (the spoiled vegetables and fruit, plants both grain, and grains which were illiterately preserved in kitchen).

This type of a mold is not hazardous to health of the person, however nevertheless it is not recommended to eat products which are already struck with it.

Much less private houses and apartments are subject to influence of a look under the name a blue mold. And all because such microscopic mushrooms most often arise on a tree. For the person they do not bear any danger. Besides they are often used in production of refined cheeses. At first sight, this fungus seems a blue raid. Anyway the blue mold is absolutely harmless.