Different Types Of Metal Roofing Panels

Sandwich panel – rather new construction material. It began to be used widely when finishing rooms rather recently, about 10-15 years ago. Consists of plywood, metal and a cloth of PVC or DVP between which there is a special layer which is carrying out a heater role. For production of such layer use mineral wool, polyurethane foam or expanded polystyrene. The sizes and a coloring a sandwich panels are various, however all producers meet certain conditions of compliance to standard parameters (lengths, thickness and width). The most demanded — two — and three-layer a sandwich panel, they are often used at construction of country houses or for warming of premises.

Types sandwich panels

Angular plates.

This type of panels is used to give to the room the finished look. They can be rectangular and rounded off, the choice of a form is influenced by architectural design of the building. Angular models well protect walls from frost penetration and increase fire safety level.

Wall sandwich panel.

Generally constructions of the bearing designs and partitions serve for facing and warming of facades. At production of some panels use steel sheets which influence fire resistance of building material. Professionals advise to apply plates from 0,7 mm thick, they have the best properties of thermal insulation. Cost a sandwich panels of this look fluctuates from 800 rubles to 1700, generally such difference in the price is caused by a material grade. Three-layer Different Types Of Metal Roofing Panels models of plates are made of specially processed galvanized steel, its thickness — 0,5-0,8 mm. Some panels can become covered by polymeric structure. Such look is considered the most modern, at the same time possesses the highest technical characteristics.

Three-layer a sandwich panel have small weight, do not demand additional strengthening of the bearing design, their installation fast and rather simple. Possess the huge color range and a wide choice of facings. Use of such material will help to lower considerably the expenses spent for construction of the house.

Roofing sandwich panel.

Thanks to their use the roof turns out strong, fireproof, with excellent warm and sound-proof properties. The term of operation of such material is almost not limited, it is estimated decades. It is installed on a certain technology which allows to stack sheets with an overlap. Such way prevents deformation of plates in summertime. Cost a sandwich panels for a roof varies from 900 to 1900 rubles, generally it is explained by a difference in material thickness.

Technical characteristics

The sandwich panel, as well as other construction materials, have certain technical characteristics:


Thickness influences the fortress and heat conductivity. Length and width can be different, the main thing that these indicators corresponded each other. For example, for internal partitions use sheets 1500 x 1000 mm. Standard sizes sandwich panels: 3000 x 1100 x 30 mm, 3000 x 1100 x 25 mm, 3000 x 1100 x 15 mm.


This indicator is generally influenced by thickness of a plate and the type of material used for warming. Expanded polystyrene is considered the easiest. There Different Types Of Metal Roofing Panels is a certain table of a ratio of weight and thickness of panels which are considered to be for the standard sizes, calculation is made on 1 running meter. For example, 155 mm / 25 kg, 82 mm / 20 kg.

Durability of panels is considered at construction enough big buildings in order that it is correct to calculate possible squeezing and a bend of plates at construction of a design.

Coefficient of thermal expansion.

At construction of such structures as wholesale warehouses, shopping centers, it is necessary to consider indicators of this parameter.