Different Types Of Loft Insulation

Correct isolation of garret overlapping.

Garret overlapping is intended to separate actually attic from other part of the house. The garret is seldom heated and here practically always the same temperature, as outdoors. The attic is used in various purposes, for example, it can contain various engineering equipment.

It is necessary to isolate and make carefully warming of overlapping of an attic that becomes for ensuring normal temperature and humidity of air in cold season.

Parameters of garret overlapping

The difference in air temperature Different Types Of Loft Insulation indoors with air behind a window should not exceed value in 4 degrees. Exactly here the modern insulating materials designed to help with solution of this sort of problems come to the rescue. For this purpose together with the insulation layer the layer of a necessary film for vapor barrier is used.

Permeability of air

Garret overlapping — material for warming. For reducing pass ability of air an attic, needs to be carried out the correct works on isolation of garret overlapping as the hands. For this purpose use of additional isomaterials, for example, of a film for vapor barrier can be required what we mentioned earlier. Usually similar materials carry out two main objectives.

Except that material isolates rooms from heat losses, it also makes the contribution to protection of isolation against damages, thereby increasing its durability.

Various garret overlapping

For overlapping and isolation, exactly as well as for warming of overlapping of an attic, the beams made of various materials, such as metal or wood can be used.

The beam, depending on material of production can cover only a certain distance in overlapping:

  • wooden can cover distance to 4 m
  • reinforced concrete – to 6 m
  • metal – to 9 m

As garret overlapping plates are quite often applied. They can be absolutely different – reinforced concrete or multihollow, it has no basic value.

Reinforced concrete plates are usually applied in the following purposes:

  • as garret overlapping
  • interflow overlapping
  • as suckle overlapping
  • as basement overlapping

Isolation of garret overlapping

Quite often apply the special plates intended for warming to isolation of garret overlapping.

Similar plates can be made of basalt or glass fiber. At the same time they have quite low density. Warming of overlapping of an attic is begun with plates which can be laid between beams of overlapping or over the blocking plate.

It is necessary to choose material layer thickness proceeding their heat-insulating characteristics of the garret and material of a roof.

For determination of necessary thickness there is a special table on CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS.

The inhabited garret.

Warming of overlapping of an attic demands use of the additional warming material. That through an insulating layer there did not pass water vapors, it is necessary to use a steam isolating film which will need to be attached to the warming party of material.

The warming material has Different Types Of Loft Insulation to be evenly put on all surface of garret overlapping. So, the premises will be most protected from penetration of cold air.

Use only of qualitative effective insulating materials is important. Thus it is possible to save considerable funds for ensuring warm climate in the house.

If too warm overlapping in the above-stated way, then it will protect the tree used in a structure of the house from rotting and moistening.