Different Types Of Land In Uk

The earth in London is a special type of investments which gain the increasing demand from Russian-speaking investors. At the same time implementation of building with the subsequent resale of the real estate object built on it or resale of the empty site at the time of peak price indicators on the earth is available to the owner of the land plots. Both Different Types Of Land In Uk in the first, and in the second case the investor can count on the guaranteed profit .In the context of investment deposits, the earth in London and Great Britain is classified on types: The land plots having permission to immediate construction, entering a zone of potential building. Such land plots will demand the largest amount of investments as construction is available to investors «here and now». The land plots which are entering a zone of potential building, but not having permission of construction. It is supposed that in the short term there will be a consideration of delivery of permission.

The cost of such lands in England will be less in relation to the first category of the earth, the difference will make about 25%. The land plots which do not enter a zone of potential building. These territories have no rights for construction and are not entered in registers about potential construction. At the same time terms of the transfer to the status of «potentially construction places» long-term, however advantage of such territories is low cost. The strategic lands of London call the land plots which do not belong to a zone of potential construction, but have a certain potential in the long-term or medium term, to be transferred to the status «for building». The similar land plots in London are located in regions which have acute shortage of inhabited real estate objects. At the same time they are near inhabited massifs and dormitory areas. As a rule, such land territories in London take away under improvement of the built housing estates: for construction of roads, carrying out water, electric or gas networks and other communications. That earth, which enlisted in registers as potentially available to construction, costs about 80-75% of the cost of the land plots on which building is allowed. It has the cost 20 times higher, than the earth which did not enter a zone of potential construction. On a concrete example it looks as follows.

Allotments near the interregional city of Ronds, cost about £14 for square meter — it is lands which are strategic, have no construction potential. In the same time, the land plots with the right of possible building about £198 for one square meter will manage. Lands in which construction works are allowed already now are offered on average for £247 for square meter. The intensive growth Different Types Of Land In Uk of the population caused by plentiful inflow by the immigrant, the growing number of family farms create a situation of increase in demand for housing. And it against the background of reduction of construction which at the time of 2014 corresponds to 60% in relation to the 1960th year when in England peak construction activity was observed. Therefore the similar price dispersion on lands is caused, first of all, by deficiency of offers of housing stock. The director of the Developer Companies John Slaughter commented on this situation, having declared that deficiency of houses is equal to 50 000 today. The similar situation objectively limits satisfaction of demand for housing. In view of the growing deficiency, municipal authorities pursue policy of delivery of bigger number of the land plots under building, an increasing number of land territories is included in the register of potential building.