Different Types Of Interior Ceiling

Current trends in the world of an interior and design of premises, take creations of composition of all of the plane of the equipped room as a basis. For floor and ceiling not less important part, than to walls is assigned.

To define as the ceiling in the modern living room has to look, it is necessary to allocate the main orders of the day prevailing today.

Popularity of these or those styles of an interior depends on a set of factors. For every period of time the stylistics which can be shown several decades later are taken away, having undergone some changes. In the current year the main stylistic directions of the 20th years act as a basis for creation of an individual interior. Execution can be both component, and integral.

Eclecticism – the main trump of registration of an interior within the present. Special importance is gained by creation of accurately thought over space Different Types Of Interior Ceiling and laconic connection of decorative style with minimalistic tendencies of registration.

New round of popularity at what stylistics which act not as an independent type of an interior, and interacting. Connection of what style with democratic contemporary is especially urgent.

In due time antiquity comes back to the list of popular styles of an interior. The lack of a factors of the leading styles forces to address to classical and monumental kinds of dressing. However antiquity is brought as the finishing element. The general creation of a plot of an interior is entirely borrowed the English style – restraint, authoritativeness, the sequence.

Ethnic styles are a little applicable for the created modern idea of an interior of premises. But bright expressive forms and decorative elements of ethnics can be used in the form of replacement of antique accents.

Facing and arrangement of lighting fixtures is assigned to the ceiling plane of space much more functions, than just. First of all, a ceiling part has to supplement logically existing interior. Considering current trends in creation of an individual interior for a drawing room, urgent visual increase in space, and also antique or ethnic types of dressing.

Function, the second for the importance, which is performed by a ceiling is consecutive divisions of space into zones. The living room Different Types Of Interior Ceiling not seldom assumes arrangements of several types of functional zones, and the modern stylistic directions demand big space and smooth transitions. The only way to recreate composition of an interior of «chameleon» in four corners is to allocate zones by means of facing of a ceiling.

Choosing a kind of facing of the ceiling plane it is important to consider functional tasks which the ceiling in the modern living room has to carry out. The drawing room having a big quadrature demands the correct arrangement of a number of lighting fixtures. The first problem requiring the solution — masking of communications.

The modern styles of registration which grew on tendencies of minimalism and classics demand thorough work on preparation of the planes for facing. The ceiling should not have roughness’s and defects that often meet in Slabby multi-stored buildings.