Different Types Of Home Humidifiers

More and more users complain of a microclimate in the apartment. Not always it is possible to achieve increase in level of humidity by opening of windows, that is natural airing of rooms. Besides, the set of modern heating devices (convectors, thermal fans) strongly dry up air because of what the saturation oxygen falls. In such cases different types of humidifiers come to the rescue.

Devices Different Types Of Home Humidifiers can be divided into four groups. House humidifiers are subdivided into the devices of cold moistening (using cold steam), hot moistening (respectively, hot steam), and also into the devices applying modern ultrasonic moistening. The last, fourth look working by the principle of dispersion meets generally in the industry, it will be a question of it in the last turn.

Humidifiers of traditional type

Principle of action. Operation of such devices is based on cold evaporation of water (i.e. without thermal heating). Moistening happens because molecules of water disappear (there is a saturation process moisture). In the device there is a special tank for water from where it comes to the pallet, and already from it is redirected on special vaporizing devices (it can be a cartridge, the filter, or a disk).

The most available devices at the price work with replaceable paper filters which quickly fail. They should be changed often. Water in such evaporators rises up, gradually filling with moisture the broad camera from which then moisture comes already to room space. In more expensive models instead of filters from thin paper use special plastic disks which accumulate moisture due to gradual rotation in the device. Further work is entered by a cooler which by means of distils the moistened air to the room.

Steam humidifier

Design and principle of action. In the conditions of the polluted air of the large megalopolis, for example, of Moscow when in summertime of a window remain closed not to let in smoke space of apartments, this device can be the optimal solution of a problem of insufficient humidity.
In the course of boiling water begins to evaporate. When liquid completely boils away, the special relay works, and the device is switched-off. Feature of this type of devices is higher degree of requirements to safety. For example, it is possible Different Types Of Home Humidifiers to turn on the device only provided that it is assembled, and electrodes are hidden in the case in order to avoid casual contact. The raised measures to fire safety do steam humidifiers same reliable as ordinary electric kettles with automatic switching off.

Ultrasonic freshener humidifier

Principle of action. This type of humidifiers is considered to be the most effective. In it liquid from the tank arrives on a special plate which vibrates in the ultrasonic range. By means of vibration water breaks up to the smallest drops, water dust which has small weight and easily rises in air by means of the cooler located in the case.

In appearance can seem that steam which escapes from a device mouth is hot though in practice it not so. It is cold, damp, and does not represent any harm for the owner.

Advantage of this type of humidifiers is high precision of humidity indoors which is difficult for achieving with traditional models. Besides, temperature of steam which goes out of the device is approximately equal to 40 degrees, and this value is the most acceptable. Among pluses it is possible to note low noise at operation.


The adiabatic humidifier, or atomizer, meets only in the industry. The principle of distribution of moisture under pressure through special nozzles allows to process quite big rooms therefore need of its use for house conditions disappears. The drop of water dust which got to air from a mouth of an atomizer has volume only 3-9 microns. It will completely be transformed to steam, being at distance of 20-50 cm from working under pressure of a nozzle (directly near its nozzle).

Dimensions the adiabatic humidifier of oxygen has small, there is a possibility of its fastening on a wall. The main thing, and, perhaps, the only minus is its price, it is measured by thousands of dollars (depending on additional packages of options with which producers can equip the models).