Different Types Of Haircuts For Black Guys

Today there are several hundreds of options of men’s hairstyles, choosing among which strictly individual approach, with a reference point on own taste and fashionable tendencies is necessary. Hairstyles with the identical name can have a number of variations as hairdressers consider individual external traits of the client, his shape of the head, a constitution and so on. Representatives of bright and unusual appearance are the people who were born with dark skin. Their hair richly curl, stick out and if not to cut them, then growing, they can form a huge sphere around the head, reminding themselves an air dandelion. By the way, such dandelion is considered one of the most fashionable Different Types Of Haircuts For Black Guys
for hair of this kind and carries Afro’s name.

Afro is a volume magnificent hairstyle which was especially fashionable in the 1970th years mainly among the Afro-Americans. It is created at careful combing of hair with the special curling structure that allows hair to increase volume, at the same time creating rounded shape as a sphere, a nimbus, or a round cloud. The Different Types Of Haircuts For Black Guys
by means of gel, cream or other clamps which allow hair to keep a form is formed. In honor of this hairstyle even style in music which founder the performer Toto is considered was called. Such hairstyle well will be suitable for cheerful parties, discos, club rest, but will look too provocatively for official business meetings. For daily socks short crop will approach more. At such hairstyle hair will look accurate and obedient for all day. She favorably marks out features and allows to feel confident in any circumstances.

Also hair length to shoulders which if necessary can be collected in a bunch do not get out of fashion. Fans of more cardinal methods, cut off temples and a nape leaving the curling bunch of hair on a head top. Superlong the hair can be braided that will give them a fresh and accurate look.

Greek style

Negligent and elegant hairstyle favorably giving sexual ringlets.

Dreadlocks of average length

Accuracy to hair of average length will be given by Dreadlocks hairstyle


Ideal hairstyle for dense curls

Figured hairstyle

Hair are cut shortly, and on all head the stylist shaves some drawings. It can be waves or other images.

Style from Will Smith

The daily and accurate hairstyle of Will Smith is ideal under his bright image of the self-assured man.


Curly hair by means of gel can be created in thorns, it will give to originality and a certain recklessness to an image.

Bird’s nest

It is possible to do such hair if to straighten a curly hair, then we will receive a shaggy whirlwind which reminds itself(himself) a bird’s nest on the head on the head.