Different Types Of Fashion Styles List

Treat fundamental Different Types Of Fashion Styles List

Styles: classical, romantic and sports. All other styles, are derivative of the main.

Classical style (conservative) is a reserved simplicity in lines, a laconic cut. Things of this style are attractive by the high quality and good quality of materials. Achromatic color scale or pastel shades prevails. It is the most unemotional style, all in it is mute extremely moderately. Lack of extremely fashionable details. Length, width, volumes and proportions always average, habitual for an eye.

Romantic style in clothes means creation of a sublime, distinguished image. Use of ruches, flounces, long dresses of the flying cut is characteristic of style. Vests, scarves, shirts with full sleeves and romantic styles of hats are characteristic of men in romantic style. The flower print, and also gentle pastel color scale is inherent in style.

Sports style is characterized by the free, not constraining the movement clothes intended for sports activities and active recreation or the casual clothes stylized under sports, having attributes inherent in sports equipment. The clothes rather bright and dynamic in character differ in a practicality and convenience.

Casual style – the most widespread and popular style, assumes modern (fashionable) casual practical and convenient clothes. This style can combine elements of other styles, but distinctive feature is the comfort and convenience of clothes. There are divisions of this style on city casual (city daily), smart casual (elegant daily), there is also a formulation of «business casual» which characterizes a dress code «working Friday» in fact, too most rather, as smart casual. And one more subspecies: sport casual is a daily style with elements sports, but this style not for sports activities.

As an example of casual style we offer some options from a portfolio of our stylists.

Derby — jockey style. The name of style bears a name of the English lord of Derby, the big fan of race horses. Jockey style repeats clothes of equestrians.

Official style of clothes — the main idea of style in that the clothes did not distract attention from business qualities of the employee. The clothes in official style have to be reserved and elegant, but, at the same time, unlike conservative style, the official style is subject to fashionable tendencies. Lines, forms, silhouettes everything has to be accurate and certain.

Extravagant Different Types Of Fashion Styles List

style in clothes — very dangerous stylistic direction demanding the perfected taste and design skill because can border on vulgarity. But, in too time, extravagant style is the fashion engine. Artistic style in which creative people self-express can be considered extravagant, seeking to stand out from the crowd. Unusual styles, asymmetry use, bright expressive accents, non-standard details and the shouting color combinations are characteristic of style.

Erotic style — the style which is most emphasizing accessory to women’s (or men’s) a floor. It is formed for attraction of an opposite sex. It is expressed in most fitting, open and provocative clothes.

Ethnic clothes style. This style incorporated elements of various national suits. It became popular in 1976, thanks to Eve Saint Loranou.

Safari style appeared in the 60th years. It is mainly style for travel which borrows elements of a tropical military uniform. Characteristic are all shades of sand color in clothes and a set of patchpockets. Sign attribute is the light hat with small fields.