Different Styles Of Braids Tutorial

The modern fashion is so incredibly changeable, it is so changeable what to keep up with it happens not simply. Nevertheless, each of girls or women just is eager to look unique and unique. So actually will be able to help young ladies to stand out from the general crowd and at the same time to be each new day absolutely different and on anybody not similar? Well, of course, it is a hairstyle. And present if this hairstyle – improbable intricate braids?

It is necessary to tell at once that for today different types of braids enjoy the huge popularity among young women of fashion. And it is natural that knowledge of what in principle there can be types of braids and the main understanding as them can be braided, will allow you to create incredibly original new images. In the publication we will shortly try to consider some (the most interesting and demanded) types of braids then in brief we will try to state the details explaining in what originality and feature literally each of the stipulated making of the braid.

So we will start:

Plaits (or they are called by side braids)

For a start try to make in front an Different Styles Of Braids Tutorial accurate hair parting, and, where exactly such is it is necessary to make – you choose. But here you finish such hair parting always strictly in the middle of the top. After that you continue to carry out a hair parting already on a nape, still adhering to the exact middle.

Such hair should be done strictly step by step, in the beginning on the one hand full weaving, and then already and with another. Then comb all hair to the left of the hair parting made earlier directly to a nape. At the same time in front accurately separate absolutely small lock of type «A». This lock has to be about 2,5 cm thick and also pass from the made hair parting directly to a temporal part of the head. Further it is necessary to overwind such lock three times, and in the direction from the face then clamp a plate as much as possible, dense the right hand.

The following stage it is separated by the left hand a new (second) lock of type «B» which will have to be directly under the first lock clamped hardly in your right hand. It is logical that the lock by the size has to be surely an equal lock previous and as well as to take place in the first option directly from a hair parting closer to the person passing through all your head.

Further the lock of type «B» clamped in your left hand, it is also necessary to overwind three times, still directing it from the person. After that accurately cross the second spin with a lock of type «A» which for the present is in your right hand. Then it is necessary to pass it under the stipulated lock «And». Then just we interchange the position of hands.

The following stage in the right hand it is necessary to shift both turned-out locks, try to hold them with fingers densely. Then cross these locks and again divide them, well and of course then again overwind. Surely press locks, it is necessary that they incidentally were not untwisted and did not get out of a shape. At this time a free hand separate one more new lock, it is more convenient to do it by the left hand, as well as previous. This new lock we will call type «C» it is necessary to cross and again to overwind with the first lock of type «A» directly under a lock of type «B» which has to be from above at present. Further hands quietly trade places, and, of course, connect the first locks of type «A» and type «B» having made of them one, more dense lock, and transfer these two locks to the right hand.

It will be absolutely simple further. It will be necessary to repeat a step 4, and a step 5 inclusive up to a neck.

After you reach a neck already from it will be possible to begin Different Styles Of Braids Tutorial to form a plait braid naturally on all your length of hair. It will be for this purpose necessary to cross constantly and to besides overwind the turned-out locks in the same direction. As a result it is necessary to fix the end of the turned-out braid by a usual elastic band.

Everything, the same it is necessary to do and with the second side of hair from a hair parting, also step by step accurately implementing clauses described above, since the second and on the seventh but only strictly upside-down.

At this final stage it is necessary to wrap the ends of the received braid inside then from below directly under a smart braid having fixed a hairstyle by hairpins.