Design of the kitchen combined with balcony

Many housewives have long glancing toward the balcony, in the hope that they will be able to expand the kitchen due to these additional meters. How to resolve the issue of resettlement and heating that can be placed on the balcony and how to accommodate all the cooking utensils to the lodge?
If you want to maintain the beauty of open space, you can simply purchase the appropriate furnishings and the balcony area for breakfast. Tables, attached to the grille, lightweight mini-sofas allow you to create a romantic corner in the green and flowers.

A cozy kitchen combined with a balcony
When soul requires fundamental changes, we can safely lay siege to the appropriate authorities with a demand to give permission to redevelop. It is worth considering that the outer wall is a supporting element of the building. Therefore unlikely to urban architects consent to dismantle at least part of it.

In most cases, the wall can be left substantially in the form in which it exists. Ie simply remove the window and door frame. But what of the sill, which continues to divide the room into two parts? It can be slightly shortened and if necessary lower. In any case, it serves as an excellent basis for the radiator, if the room has not yet been laid «warm floor».
It goes without saying that you need a balcony or loggia glazed and sheathe sandwich of decorative and insulating materials. Pick glazing suitable for your climate zone.

The issue of heating the balcony — a serious matter. It is necessary to carefully insulate the walls and floor. And only after that establish «warm floor». This system is the most democratic, especially with electrical cable. In this case, there is no risk to flood the lower loggia. The system refers to a household appliance and does not require permits.

When making an integrated kitchen it is worth considering that the transfer of gas appliances of the premises is not desirable. However, nobody will prevent use of the balcony electric hob. Modern means allow the supply and make the sink pipes. To do this, you need to provide the proper wiring of communication.