Design of a private house yard.

Nice and neat design of the infield, in accordance with a certain style is called landscaping. In order the yard looked well-kept, and comply with the latest trends is necessary to take care of it, all the while complementing it with new elements or plants. The design of the yard of a private house — a complex but interesting task. Tidy up your own territory may be because today it is enough resources and information.

Decorative items
When the design area is thought out, should take care of its decoration. On the market you can find lots of decorative elements, combining which you can easily make the site unique. A kind of link between the design of the walls of the house and site design are the various arches, fountains and sculptures.

Proper lighting will turn even the most ordinary plot in a unique courtyard. All kinds of light bulbs are not only used in order to illuminate the area, but also for decoration. Highlight can be virtually anything from small plants and ending with majestic sculptures.

You should choose the style of the yard by the appearance of the main building, as noted above, as well as other buildings and even a fence. In total, there are several styles:

Slavic style
The central design element of yard of a private house is timbered buildings and a nice addition will be the fence of the same material. With wooden structures blends masonry or wrought-iron elements, but in this style brick undesirable. Tracks are best done from saw cuts, wooden flooring and sandstone.
For greening of the area in the Slavic style almost you need almost nothing, only a little perennials and shrubs will do. It is necessary to avoid the beds with their regular outlines, but a small body of water will be most welcome.

European country
This design of gardening area will be relevant in case that the main building is made in the style of Half-timbered houses or chalets. Fencing area should be visually «transparent» that is, for it is possible to take a bar or board. This can be a living fence or welded fence.
The construction in the style of Half-timbered houses should necessarily be surrounded by the landscape of the right lines, but in a chalet — a natural landscape. For buildings Chalet is also appropriate to a lot of stone, low benches, rock gardens and evergreen plantings.

English Style
This design looks best on long areas, because the house must be in depth, and its facade is defiantly open. Through the fence necessarily visible long avenue that serves as the entrance road to the house. Before settling porch is usually ground, but the rear of the most dense and fenced by a high fence. It is located a sitting area and a lot of flowers around it.
Landscape design — a difficult but creative process. You can originally decorate the yard with the means at hand without paying for professional services. It should be only a little material desire and free time.