Design of a bachelor’s apartment.

As an example of the creation of housing for single men, you can choose one-room apartment with an area of about 40 square meters. Such dimensions of the room are enough for one person, even for a small family.
The idea to create a design studio for bachelor should be approached based on what he is doing.

In the interior it is desirable to use «smart» and original solutions that allow you to place required highly functional furniture in a small area. At that should remain square meters, which the owner can use to fit his needs. For example, to put a bike, snowboard or put the game installation.
In the color palette it is better to give preference to bright, but strict tones that will not destract from the work or leisure. For walls, you can use fresh colors of beige, light green, pink, gray. It is advisable to do a one-color cover. This design of the apartment furnish — example of the masculine style embodied in the interior of the home of a bachelor.
There should be a special relation to the lighting in the interior of the bachelor’s apartment. Here you should not use bulky central chandeliers. Preference is given to a point light, energy-efficient LED or halogen lamps. in one-room apartment, which is divided into functional areas, you should apply à la carte (zonal) lighting.

Use modern technology in the creation of a universal space. TV, which is expected to be put in a one-bedroom apartment must be easily visible from all sides. Swing arms transformers will help in this case. Use only delicate and subtle ones so as not to spoil the viewing of your favorite TV shows with the look of bulky fixtures. Thanks to them, TV can be rotated on 180 degrees so you can enjoy the view from any corner of the room.
As for the kitchen, within a few square meters in it should accommodate all that is needed for cooking, heating and eating. And it requires a lot of equipment. If you put all strictly according to the concept of order and convenience, you get a great option. For example, put the oven on a level with the top. So it does not have to bend down every time. Thanks to the competent placement of kitchen appliances you will not need to make unnecessary movements, reducing the cooking time to a minimum.

Perhaps the best complement for the kitchen are the words: «it is inspiring to cook.» Indeed, if each room designed to trifles and accommodation is adapted to the nature of the host, in this apartment it will not only be convenient to locate, but also to live.