Decorative fishes for garden pond — CHOOSING WATER RESIDENTS

So that the decorative pond become a worthy decoration of landscape design, many owners of the garden miracle populate it with all kinds of coastal and aquatic plants. And only a few dare to go ahead and to have a decorative fish pond in their house. Of course, a flock swimming and playing in the water — it’s beautiful, but there are many problems associated with the selection and content of the fish. In order the acquaintance with the inhabitants of the pond will not give you unnecessary problems, it should be before the date of their acquisition to get acquainted with the character and the necessary living conditions of the favorite species.

Civilians or water aggressors?
If you are new to the breeding pond fish, it is best to start to buy unpretentious peaceful individuals who will not hold gladiatorial games and eat their own kind. Even a pike, settled in the pond «for beauty» can quickly exhaust the rest of the civilian population, especially if the other fish will lose it in size. Choosing herbivorous species, you can enjoy all stages of their lives, without worrying that tomorrow you will not count a half of fish because of the aggressor. In a quiet environment fish can not only live a full life, but also to multiply, making the pond even more beautiful and interesting.

Popular types of decorative fish

Gold fish
One of the most popular aquarium and pond fish, which differs with ruggedness and ability to endure difficult conditions. A flock of goldfish survive without losses and temporary water pollution, and low temperatures, and hunger. Probably, this is the best pond fish for beginners breeders, which, moreover, characterized by the ability to get used to his master, recognize it, and they are literally feed from the hands. Today, there are a huge number of species of fish. Some of them are able to spend the winter in the pond, and some — not, so they can contain the body of water in the street in the summer and the winter to carry the aquarium.

Koi — a kind of ornamental carp bred in Japan specifically for the decoration of garden reservoirs. The rich variety of colors, simplicity and longevity makes them the most desirable for the fish pond. In good conditions, a large body of water, they can grow to a length of 0,75-1m. Small ponds, unfortunately, are not suitable for them, and not only because of the small size, but also because koi, like all carps, love to dig the soil and muddy water. In principle, this problem can be solved if you install in a pond treatment system. It should also prepare for the bad habit koi eat algae and other aquatic plants, but for the beauty of the ornamental fish, it is possible to forgive even that.
For wintering carp in the pond, its depth should be at least 2m. If you have a smaller pond, then for the winter take koi in an aquarium or a home pool.

Gold Orfe
In a small pond with a surface of 3.5 — 4m2 can settle spirited fish — gold orfe. The golden or pale pink fish is kept at the water surface, so always be on your mind. It is advisable to buy several orfes for pond (5-6 fishes), they quickly got used to the new place of residence and are not hiding in the thickets of seaweed. Under favorable conditions, they can reach 50cm in length, but in captivity, and stagnant water breeding reluctantly.