Decorative Clothespins

«Probably every interesting man has a little hobby. It should be a small and funny activity. If you have not yet figured out how to while away the evening or weekend, which decided to spend alone, I give you an idea — paint the clothespins. It is handy in the everyday life and you will have a wonderful time.
I admit — the idea is not mine! But it might come to mind for me and you — all have long invented before us.

To get started, you just need to buy wooden clothespins. They come in different sizes, shapes and quality of performance. For a start, it will suit the most common, familiar from childhood. When hone your skills, you can immediately search a carpenter among friends and order him clothespins of that shape and size that you see in your dreams.

Clothespin need to be taken to pieces — there are three circuits, two of which we will improve. Carefully inspect the surface, if there are defects of the tree that confuse you, walk gently on them with fine sandpaper or postpone a clothespin to the side.
Once the surface is prepared for our future masterpiece, cover it with the paint-cover basis. Any paint what you think will fit is suitable, but you will be much easier to keep if for the base you will use a water-emulsion paint.

Procrit circuits from both sides.
Think of your drawing — something totally chaotic or a beautiful masterpiece that had the imagination and skills. Though it may happen that you did not even know about your skills and talents, right now, and everything will manifest! Chart the future drawing on the surface with the pencil, or just paint, and you can operate it without drafts — everything as it is in life. For the painting I used gouache for water-dispersion-based acrylic and acrylic paints. Let each layer dry well.

Cover every wooden detail with two coats of lacquer. If the pattern is made with gouache, varnish should be applied quickly and you should produces a single layer as little as possible motions brush — take my word for it … While any experience is useful — be it good or disastrous!
We are waiting for the complete drying of paint and collecting clothespin.