DECORATIVE CEILING TILE IDEA. Ceiling tiles without seams — types, advantages.

Foamed polystyrene ceiling tiles without seams thanks to its low price and excellent performance became really popular. Almost every home is decorated with it, at least one room. High resistance to moisture makes the material ideal option of finishing ceiling surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore, the ceiling, pasted standard squares, is consistently associated with these facilities.

Advantages of seamless material
Polystyrene ceiling tiles have a lot of advantages. These include increased durability and ease of maintenance, fire safety and environmental friendliness. Add to that a little weight, not giving a tangible burden on the ceiling, as well as ease of installation and replacement. It is unfair that such a wonderful cover are increasingly being used only in small areas hallways, bathrooms and kitchens.

In order to overcome the stereotypes, manufacturers and EPS foam tiles offer «seamless» version ceiling coverings. Stitches, of course, remain, but they will be practically invisible.

The appearance of the finished ceiling on which were applied ceiling tiles without seams, no longer resembles a chessboard — as with the conventional tiles. On the contrary, the resulting «fabric» pleases the eye with perfect uniformity and simplicity. Of course, the ceiling in the box looks a little bit heavy and casts gloomy thoughts. At the same time a uniform, even with middle-sized relief pictures, is visually perceived as a higher and lightweight.

Main options and ways of using
Seamless tile produced mainly in white, which provides additional opportunities for the realization of her creative ideas of designers. On a ceiling lie perfectly water-based paints. A microporous structure allows you to experiment with application, decoupage and scrap-booking

In addition, using a seamless tile ceilings combined with the wallpaper, you can create effects that resemble stucco ornaments and frescoes. A little imagination — and inexpensive ceiling becomes the main decoration of your home.

Developers do not make a mistake. Novelty really liking customers and is now one of the most popular ceiling coverings. Retaining all the advantages of its predecessor, the ceiling tiles without seams deprived of its main drawbacks — a clearly defined boundary sections.

The technology of production of a new type of finish is not much different from the traditional. For the effect of raw material homogeneity — liquid styrofoam — not poured tiled form, and applied to a large embossed. Further, as before, it is pressed and dried. And already dried out fabric is cut into standard boxes 50×50 cm. Sizes of individual tiles material remain unchanged. For better camouflage seams often do not cut straight, and repeating the edge of a relief ornament.