Decoration of barbecue area

«Settle» the fire in the garden can be a variety of ways. They differ in cost and complexity in implementation, and appearance. Perhaps the most spectacular of all possible options — a fireplace. Such a construction is not very different from the one that can be placed in the living room or bedroom. Only fireplace in the garden looks much more impressive: brick, decorated with stone or tile design in a garden makes an indelible impression. However, this option is quite costly in terms of time, finance and ranks — after all it requires to allocate a decent space.

In addition, deciding on a full stationary structure in the garden, you make the decision for years to come. If one day will realize that this corner of the garden would fit better for a flower bed or a raspberry, it will be difficult to change the situation. Weigh the pros and cons. If you allow the possibility to arrange a fireplace, get down to business. Otherwise, explore other options – there are a lot of them!

The easiest way to knead in the garden live fire — to prepare a place for campfire. Elementary option: select a suitable location, dig a circular or rectangular hole, tamp the ground (you can sprinkle gravel on the bottom), make sides of brick, heat-resistant tiles or similar material, and ready. To campfire pit after the rain does not turn into a small pool, it should be supplemented by trenches for water drainage.

A more thorough option — to arrange for fire a small area of the bricks, tiles or other suitable material. In order the construction was more reliable, it is good to dig it into the ground and strengthen by cement mixture.
You can get a finished campfire bowl. Their range is very wide. The size, shape, material cost — can be found suitable for every taste and budget. Most of these items are made from concrete, refractory brick, granite, metal and ceramic. There are also combination products. For example, ceramics decorated with wrought iron.

Campfire bowls come in stationary and mobile. First are installed in the area once and for a long time: they are usually part of a garden composition, and it is not easy to move them.

Mobile bowls can be transferred. This is a very convenient option if the site is small and allocate there a place for permanent barbecue area is not easy.