Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplace In Corner

Fire – a symbol of a home, light and life. It calms, improves aura of the room, gives heat and feeling of a cosines. So it was moved that since ancient times human life depended on fire. Modern systems of heating and lighting indoors completely provided the person with both heat, and light. But many owners of private houses and spacious drawing rooms in apartments cannot refuse in pleasure to spend to themselves evening under sounds of fire crackling in a fireplace.

The built-in fireplace in a wall

It can be both the real Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplace In Corner

fireplaces with a fire chamber, and falseness fireplaces. Photos of both those, and others confirm that fireplaces in an interior — a source of comfortable warmth. It stylishly, beautifully and besides is available. If owners of housing have no opportunity to construct the real fireplace, then it is always possible to establish electric model. The market of modern fireplaces, accessories for them and finishing materials allows to create the real masterpieces.

In modern interiors fireplaces angular, closed, half-open (wall), island (stand separately) and even suspended, stationary and mobile are used. Fireplaces on firewood have in rooms which area is not less than 20 sq.m.

The closed fireplace have in a wall in which there is a flue and a fuel buck. Such fireplace needs to be planned at once, at a stage of construction of the house. If the fireplace was decided to be equipped after construction of the room, then it is worth giving preference to the half-open fireplace leaned against a wall. If it is placed in a corner, then the thermalizes will be much lower. Folding fireplaces, mobile, electric will be useful for irregular use as a source of heat. Address them periodically, and if necessary remove.

Photos of design developments with use Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplace In Corner of fireplaces allow to choose the most acceptable option of a decorative fireplace. It will become obligatory the center, an interior highlight. Therefore special attention needs to be paid to both placement, and finishing of fireplaces. A stone, a brick, a facing ceramic tile, a tree – materials which are most often used for dressing.

Most often designers and builders work with such stones:

  • onyx,
  • granite,
  • shell rock,
  • marble,
  • travertine,
  • sandstone,
  • limestone,
  • artificial stone.

For electric fireplaces and falseness of fireplaces equip niches from gypsum cardboard.

It is necessary to remember that the portal of a design has to be turned into the central part of the room. Between doors and a window the fireplace is not placed as it considerably reduces efficiency of its work and can become the smoke reason. The best place – an internal main wall of the room.

Registration of fireplaces

The original interior of a drawing room with a fireplace can be issued in such styles as:

  • classics;
  • modernist style;
  • rural;
  • English,
  • hi-tech.

That finishing of a fireplace corresponded to the general style of the room, pay attention to execution of the portal, a flue, the platform and a flue.

If the fireplace is located in a classical drawing room, then it is decorated marble or qualitative wood, heat resisting finishing material. An obligatory element – the wooden or marble shelf on which candlesticks and figurines have.