Decorate the exterior of the house for the New Year: 5 HOLIDAY IDEAS.

1. Christmas garlands
Festive illumination, which can be organized thanks to the LED string will help effectively and safely decorate the exterior of a private house. Bright garlands can help create an unforgettable Christmas tale.
Illumination and lighting the house and the plot is the main decoration of the New Year celebration. The most interesting is the solution when the LED garlands decorate the whole house, in the evening, thanks to the lighting in the courtyard you will feel like a fairy tale. Garlands can be decorated with benches, stairs, fence, trees, paths, and even street lights.

2. Luminous figures
In recent years become very popular luminous figures. They can be bought off the shelf or to collect himself, using a wire frame, garland and tinsel. On the lawn, the reviewed on well with the track and from the windows of the house is a place to put the glowing figure of a deer, snowman or Santa Claus.

3. Decoration of the branches of pine and spruce
From the branches of pine tree or spruce, you can make the rim for the doorways. Purchased long garlands can decorate not just Christmas decorations, but the cut of cloth or cardboard stars, snowflakes, satin ribbons. The main thing that decorations were contrasted against the green needles.
The most successful combinations of colors of illumination:
• Red, white, green and copper
• blue and green
• blue and red
If there is a column or staircase with handrails, the threads will be purchased decorative real boon. Also branches with toys or cones can be placed in large flower pots, decorated in such a way or veranda area near the front door.

4. Christmas wreaths
The wreath can be made of various materials, using branches of willow or pine, ribbons, pine cones, berries of mountain ash and viburnum and a pair of Christmas tree decorations. The perfect complement to the crown will spice, cinnamon, dried citrus ring and other decor with a sweet and pleasant aroma.
If you wish, you can hang a Christmas wreath on the door that leads to the courtyard. Especially beautiful are the wreaths look when they are lightly covered with snow.

5. The Christmas tree
If on the territory of your land grows fir tree, then your task is very simple — to decorate it with garlands and toys and New Year’s Eve «fire» to start the New Year’s beauty.
In the garden, it is not necessary to decorate the Christmas tree Christmas decorations commonplace. For decoration you can take tangerines, candy, tangles of colored yarn, pompoms and other interesting decor. We obtain very original!

Shiny «rain», flags, garlands, plastic balls, stars and figurines — this is not a complete list of jewelry. Most interesting toys should be placed at eye level, adults and children.

If you bought a Christmas tree in a pot, then a tree, usually set either in the yard or at the entrance to the house. Since spruce live, do not hang a lot of heavy toys. Try to attach toys and decorations with the utmost care not to damage the needles and branches of a tree.