Secret Feng Shui: How to solve the problem in the apartment of creative floor plan
Sometimes we buy an apartment or house and enjoy: what an unusual design we will have, creative floor plan, not like those at everybody else — in terms of it looks like the letter T, F or other signs. Someone are particularly «lucky», and the space is replete with all sorts of niches, bay windows, columns, there is a staircase to the second floor. Spectacular round house with apartments, «sliced» like a piece of cake, admirable audacity author’s intention. But, most of all, your interior designer will long be puzzled over how to make the space livable.
However, designers and experts in Feng Shui mostly pay attention to different things. It is unlikely that the designer will take into account when planning that a symbolic area of love turned out to be outside the apartment (in neighbors). But, in terms of Feng Shui, the relationship in the new apartment is waiting for the inevitable disorder.

How to improve the energy situation in the non-standard space, so that the household, friends and acquaintances did not notice anything unusual in your actions, and you live in this apartment easy and pleasant? In Feng Shui there are suitable methods.
Put to the plan of apartment square Lo Shu If the plan of the apartment resembles a «disheveled weathervane» — time to act. In terms of feng shui, the only form is considered favorable rectangular or square. Otherwise, put it on a plan of the apartment square Lo Shu, you’ll find that some of the most important sectors, you simply do not have.

Make a revision of areas
The only case when creative floor plan is favorable, if in «sprouts» of L-shaped or other atypical space is a bathroom. Then just do not take it into account: square impose on the rest of the plan of apartment. It is a good thing: symbolical bathroom, getting to a particular area of the square Lo Shu, has a negative effect on it. And in the case of the «removal» of it outside the square, you get a perfect flat in terms of Feng Shui.
If the structure of the house or apartment is complex — it must be corrected. Namely, «to finish building» missing parts of virtual square.
If to talk about the house — adjust the Feng Shui with garden
For example, if you have a private house, and you find yourself at imposing that some parts of the square Lo Shu is clearly not enough, then you can «finish» these parts with a garden. Just make a garden under the windows so on terms «above» all together — the house and garden — looked right rectangle or square. So you will restore all that is lacking.
If it refers to the apartment — adjust the mirrors

In the apartment missing parts being completed with the help of reflection. It requires more (the more — the better) square or rectangular mirror.
It’s simple: hang a reflective sheet on the wall, which would symbolically «remove» to finish the missing space.