Creative floor plan: trends and solutions

Creative floor plan, which not only changes the appearance of the apartment, but its functionality can solve many problems If you are bored with your four walls, just break them. It has not in vogue dull bedroom left the hall, separate toilet. And why every weekend to carry the table from the kitchen to the dining room, if all the space of the apartment can be changed? Creative floor plan, which not only changes the appearance of apartment, but its functionality can solve a lot of problems.

Creative floor plan — is, of course, the prerogative of city apartments. In the country houses there is, usually more space. Although to say that creative floor plan is intended to save only a small space, it is also incorrect. Firstly it is a way to express your individuality, to make the home as comfortable as possible in accordance with your needs.

Any floor plan must depend on the windows. Light — this is one of the most important criteria that should not be overlooked when planning a new space. However, if you carry one or two partitions, light in the apartment will be more, because it will become more comfortable and visually more. Visually enlarge the space is also using light walls, mirrors, glass partitions.

Do not forget also that windows — this is also ventilation. Apartment buildings often do not have extra ventilation systems. But not necessarily need to spend a lot of money for individual ventilation. Here designers can divide the room into functional areas without installing the deaf walls, then the problem will be solved. As the functionality of premises, then, for example, Europeans in recent years have almost ceased to prepare themselves so kitchen disappears as a separate room, they are increasingly combined with the living.

Floor plan is often aimed at the device of more functional premises, which were not initially. For example, children’s room, extra bedroom, a guest toilet, closet or pantry. Often, people have resorted to redevelop out of a desire to express themselves and create an original, like no one else their own homes. Among contemporary trends — the combination of round and polygonal shapes.

Often the walls break down and build so that the apartment is like a maze, which also adds a sense of more space. It turns out that in a room where people do not sleep, you can safely move on to other areas, except the traditional corridor which, in principle, in a modern apartment is not needed.

However when planning it is necessary to carefully review the plan of your apartment. Capital wall are shown thicker, internal — thiner. It is impossible to demolish bearing walls and columns. Any alterations must be agreed with the city authorities. Incorrect alterations may lead to deformation of the building, so there need to be very vigilant.