Creative floor plan of the apartment — it is what we need!

Modern apartments, as a rule, have such plan, that creates inefficient use of all living space — huge corridors consume storage space, a lot of unnecessary corners, and sometimes even a small number of windows or inefficient placement causes a lack of light. Yes, and preferences of the residents are completely different, everyone wants to equip his apartment under the personal taste.

For the implementation of the improvement it is often necessary to make alterations, change the design and decorate the room. If you approach the creative process and with due care, it is possible to significantly improve the living conditions in the apartment, and living space to use with greater efficiency. Many even in the head does not come, it is possible to reduce the huge hall with wardrobe and combine that by getting rid of unnecessary corners and turns, you can reallocate all the space of the apartment, thus, allocate space for an extra room.

In most cases there is no need for reorganization of bearing walls. Suffice it to only change the functionality of the room itself. In this way you can avoid many problems with the design of technical documentation in accordance with the amendments.

Currently, the design floor plan of apartments is widely spread this kind of work, like painting walls. This element brings originality and allows to experience a completely different atmosphere of comfort. Wall painting in the apartment is considered to be an excellent decoration and can be performed in a certain style, and quite abstract. It’s this bar after the implementation of redevelopment apartments design allows to give finality and is one of the most important functional elements of decoration in general. Getting rid of a typical design and stereotypes can achieve significant results.

Available in the apartments balconies can also be subjected to this design and use to better advantage than as a storage space. Construction of it using modern building materials and decoration of greenery creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. To re-planning, design changes design and decoration of the apartment, you must first create a clear design a plan that should reflect the most rational solution to the problem of aesthetic arrangement and design of the rooms and the reorganization of the entire area of the available apartments. However, before proceeding to translate the developed plan in life, we should define the preferred materials to be used in carrying out the work. Imagination and creativity, together with the activity and the desire to change the interior of your apartment will bring the desired result.