Creative floor plan — happiness or headache ?!

In the mass building of modern cities dominate apartment buildings with rather simple plan. These are rectangles divided by partitions into the room. But now you finally have the opportunity, and you have purchased a non-standard flats. But what to do now with its design?

Interior design of apartments with a a creative floor plan — a rather difficult task. First we need to come up with an image for your new home. We need to clearly know what you want to see in the end: the kitchen-living room into a high-tech style, studio apartment with a Japanese minimalism or sweet rustic bedroom in the style of Provence.

Interior design of apartments with complex geometry is better to start with a small correction shape of the room to create the most functional space. With this will help you wardrobes, objects of regular shape, contrasting colors. If to set a wardrobe on the end of a long corridor, then reduced to a square rectangle, round carpet smooth out a large number of corners of the room, and the sloping walls, painted in a contrasting color, visually stand out against the background of the composition. If your creative floor plan close to the shape of a circle, for the design of the ceiling plasterboard suitable wave, but by flowered wallpaper will have to give. Furniture in this case, you can also pick up shapes.

The contrast in the colors, in the bill of materials will help to hide imperfections and emphasize the dignities of the creative floor plan. You can even redistribute the entire space apartment, getting rid of unnecessary corners or bends. This helps allocate space for an extra room.
Various convex, concave, niches, arches and columns complicate the selection of furniture and household appliances. You will need more time and patience, but the results are worth it. Furniture can be made to order, and the non-standard form of rooms often brings to life the original furnishings. Create a sketch and implement in practice all the fantasy will help you in any salon, engaged in manufacturing custom-made furniture.
If you — a creative person, the development of interior design is geometrically complex, non-standard apartments will give you a lot of fun.