Creative floor plan: design your home competently

We all know that in our country at the time it was built a huge number of houses similar to each other like twins. Apartments in such houses are completely impersonal, have a standard floor plan, very often do not meet the elementary needs of the residents. But to make repair of this apartment, and even beat her with the furniture you’ve liked will not be difficult.
But in cases where creative floor plan of the apartment, with the decision of these problems much more difficult. In order to bring an unusual house in a satisfactory kind of takes a lot of effort, time and, of course, financial investment.

Whatever creative floor plan was not in your apartment, connecting fantasy and patience, you can find original solutions that will be acceptable from a practical and aesthetic point of view.

First of all, we advise you to move from the general to the particular. That is, it is not necessary to rush headlong into a furniture store. To start, decide how your non-standard layout can be changed, any structure housing you would like to have, and only then start thinking about the design of the walls and ceiling, to say nothing about the details — please contact them in the least.

The first step — it is giving the housing right from the geometrical point of view of the form. Of course, the walls will not tear down, but to hold a visual correction — elementary. It can be built-in wardrobes, carpets round or rectangular table in the center of the room, suspended ceilings, game colors and more. What allows us to give the room shape, square, circle, prism or cone.

The following refer to the details that are in direct dependence on the form in which become non-standard layout of your room. Try to keep all harmoniously combined. However, the neat contrasts avoided as it is not necessary — let these accents will highlight housing.