Country Home Plans With Photos

The country house is a place where we periodically come all family to have a rest. For this reason when planning repair it is necessary to consider preferences of all family members in order that country rest was comfortable for everyone.

As a rule, interior design of a country house is made out in one style. It can be as strict style (a classical or English interior of a country house, Bauhaus or a modernist style), and more modern (a country, ethno, minimalism, hi-tech). If your house small, is better to sustain it in one style, and here for a large country mansion in registration of an interior the eclecticism is admissible.

Take care also of a combination of an interior of a country house to its appearance — an exterior. For example, magnificent internal furniture in style the Renaissance Country Home Plans With Photos will be perfectly combined with pilasters, columns and other similar architectural elements of external registration of the building. It is worth thinking also of suitable landscaping.

The verandah is the first room where you get in a country house. On an attractive cozy verandah which interior has to correspond, in principle, to the general style of a country house it is pleasant to have a rest all family in warm season. Here it is possible to establish a wooden sofa or chairs with soft pillows, a table and chairs for reception of guests.

Interior of a hall of a country house

Design registration of a hall always depends on its sizes. As a rule, in country houses it is the territory, small on the area, but also it can be made attractive. Use for this purpose wall coverings of light tones, and as lighting try pointed lighting. If your hall has the square area and the non-standard sizes, use excess space efficiently: put convenient sofas along walls, allocate the space for a sliding wardrobe which will be more pertinent here, than in living rooms. And in order that the hall «was not beaten out» from the general style, use reception of dubbing-in: put a small dresser or a padded stool, just the same, as in a drawing room there. In the same way it is possible to beat wall panels and pictures.

Interior of a drawing room of a country house

The drawing room in the country house is, first of all that place where all family gathers to have a rest and enjoy communication. Here we receive guests, and therefore this room usually is the most visited and, respectively, the most spacious.

In registration of an interior of a drawing room of a country house as the tree, glass, a natural stone will be pertinent anywhere. Perfectly Country Home Plans With Photos the home decoration made by the hands of cotton, viscose, a sacking looks — it especially is suitable for rural style.

It is impossible to present a drawing room of a country house without fireplace. Today the range of these accessories is very wide: it both gas, and electric, and wood, and even tiny desktop fireplaces. Present yourself really homeliness, having established a decorative fireplace at the dacha.

Interior of kitchen of a country house

Internal furniture of your kitchen will depend on your preferences in a question of cooking. For many hostesses rest in the country means also rest from daily duties including cooking. In this case association of an interior of kitchen and a drawing room of a country house to one room where for cooking there is an equipment minimum will be ideal option, and more attention is paid to a recreation area. So, the kitchen from the dining room can be separated a bar counter or furniture — for example, a comfortable sofa. If you like to gather all family for carrying out joint meals, decorate an interior of kitchen with a stylish round table.