Country Cottage Style Interior Design

Each of us at least once in life dreamed of the beautiful private house which as if just descended from pages of the magazine about design. The white small fence, an accurate lawn and the two-storeyed house is, of course, the good plan, but without knowledge of bases of design will not turn out to make really cozy and comfortable dwelling.

It is necessary to choose this or that style in an interior according to own preferences. It will be unimportant it is the modern house from glass and concrete or the cottage executed in the English style, the main thing that you felt in it comfortably. Our recommendations Country Cottage Style Interior Design will be able to help with the choice of this or that style to you.

Provence style

Such style assumes DRESSING which is made in joyful and warm colors.

If you want to add several notes of such interesting style or to completely issue the house in style Provence, then you need to remember such basic rules:

  • use of exclusively natural materials;
  • light shades can be the best color scheme;
  • finishing of walls needs to be made by means of a decorative brick, wooden panels and decorative plaster;
  • furniture it is better «to make old» or as option, to choose already made old;
  • decorative beams will make Provence style complete;
  • it is better to choose a decor in style of the French province.

All home decoration has to look as if they are frayed by time. Modern technologies in processing of material will help to make old successfully even brand new furniture which at first sight would never suit style of the French province.

Style of a country

The country or as it is called still, rural style will introduce warmth and a cosiness to your house. Furniture which is ideal for such style is deprived of division on unmodern or modern at all. As well as in the previous style, the natural materials having elements of handwork and special rough finishing are most often used.

Arab style

The Arab style which bewitches our compatriots becomes more and more popular in an interior of modern houses. Its correct registration quite difficult as it is necessary to follow the mass of rules. For example, images of animals or people in an interior are forbidden. It is recommended to use various ornaments which can decorate household goods, carpets and even walls.


Such style assumes existence of extremely laconic forms, and also is characterized by total absence of any ornament, the detailing of finishing of a facade, a decor.

Main characteristics:

  • graphics;
  • monochromaticism;
  • underlining of natural naturalness of invoices;
  • clarity of compositions.

Light volumes are intended to define the general image of the dwelling which is not encumbered by furniture. Furniture in minimalism is used modern, made of the latest materials, such as opaque glass, steel, aluminum and, of course, wood.


The reserved decor and the most reasonable, functional use of space are considered as the main lines of style.

Such features are characteristic of this style:

  • straight lines;
  • set of metal details;
  • plentiful use of glass.

The hi-tech equipment in such interior is used. Various mobile partitions which are capable to reveal and be closed thanks to what it is possible to change planning very easily are also widely used.


If you want to make the house the most conservative, then the English style – the best decision.

It is possible to call three things a basis of any British interior:

  • unique chair which is established near a fireplace;
  • fireplace;
  • bookcase.

Such interior Country Cottage Style Interior Design from books about Sherlock will become the real masterpiece if to use the chair with a high back upholstered with a velvet or skin. Mahogany is an obligatory element of an interior in the British style. Of course, such tree quite expensive, but thanks to it it is possible to emphasize elegance of such style.