Cottage Style Homes For Sale Austin Tx

As cottages, in most cases, are built in the countryside therefore the design of a cottage in modern style means existence of a garage. Traditional planning of a cottage: the second (top) floor is allocated under bedrooms (personal rooms of owners), the first – the kitchen-dining room, a drawing room, a bathroom and a boiler room, the storeroom, etc.

Style hi-tech is a technical skill, some coldness, functionality and linearity. The design of a Cottage Style Homes For Sale Austin Tx cottage in style hi-tech differs in ideal proportions, a harmonious combination of light and space, and the maximum functionality at a minimum of elements of a decor. One of the basic rules – the interior (internal finishing) is obliged to be combined with an exterior (external finishing). If in finishing of an exterior glass, aluminum and a gas concrete prevails, then these elements are obligatory also interior design.

Hi-tech forced to estimate in a new way the concept «environmental friendliness», enclosed in it new style. If earlier environmental friendliness meant use of the natural materials harmless, first of all, to the person, then «eco-friendly» hi-tech is economical to the environment.

Solar batteries, systems of collecting rain water, wind turbines, heating on the basis of «thermal pumps» — all this is designed to minimize influence of the person, his activity on the nature. At the heart of a modern interior in style hi-tech — «clever house» system which not just does life comfortable, but also still economical: the motion sensors regulating light inclusions/switching off, regulators of temperature and humidity, etc.

Hi-tech assumes a minimum of interroom partitions for this reason often the first floor is a big room studio. Hi-tech is always big windows, but at the same time – any curtains or curtains. For blackout of the room rolled curtains (vertical blinds), in a collected state – absolutely imperceptible are used. Similar curtains are suitable for a bedroom.

The prevailing colors – a metallic, silvery, gray, but at the same time are often used courageous combinations, for example, red with black, bright lime with gray, existence of bright color accent is desirable. Furniture – with glossy facades, regiments and racks of bizarre shapes and transparent chairs are very popular. It is a lot of equipment, in the majority which — is built in which does not «eat» space, leaving it free.

Classical style Cottage Style Homes For Sale Austin Tx steadily remains demanded, it the embodiment of respectability, tranquility and enduring ideas of comfort and a coziness. The design of a cottage in classical style does not accept vanity, low cost of finishing and a hint on falseness in the form of artificial materials. Only «self-sufficient» expensive materials: marble, a valuable tree, natural fabrics, a stucco molding, everything that creates the atmosphere of solemnity, elegance and wealth.

Color scheme: noble, quiet and sustained tone — cream, olive, greenish, pale yellow. Walls sheathe a tree or fit fabric, on a floor – a natural parquet, and here in kitchen and in the hall it is possible to put a ceramic tile. It is desirable to refuse interroom doors; the prospect arising at the same time will help to expand space visually. Doorways at the same time are made out by pilasters – a sign element of classical style, adjoining closely a doorway.

In «classics» it is important to allocate the center, for example, the beautiful large chandelier placed in the center of a plaster medallion. And already from it all architectural details, furniture and elements of a decor are symmetrized. Furniture – a natural tree, curved carved legs, gilding, bronze slips, with an upholstery from expensive fabrics. Walls can be decorated with symmetrically placed pictures in gilded magnificent frames.