Contemporary Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas

The drawing room – heart of our house, is the room where we have a rest all family after day of work, interestingly we spend time during week-end and we invite guests to a sit-round gathering. It is obvious that any house owner wants to issue so important, functional room not only it is practical and it is rational, but also it is externally attractive, original and it is even creative. The modern stylistics of registration of Contemporary Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas an interior allow to realize all these purposes within one room. It is possible to receive a practice l and attractive interior by means of mixture of the elements borrowed from various styles connected by one general concept of modern stylistics – a practicality and comfort above all.

Design of a drawing room

The modern stylistics of registration of rooms are incredibly democratic, it is suitable for rooms of any size and a form, for the rooms combining several functional zones. Mixture of modern technologies and opportunities of finishing materials with traditions of family rooms allows to receive space which will be ready to any needs of members of your family and the guests invited to a party or a formal dinner party.

Original interior

Modern style is an original mix of such styles as minimalism, a modernist style, hi-tech, pop art and a retro. Only at first sight can seem that to mix so excellent stylistics, means to make a design mistake. But a basis of any registration of rooms is dosage and harmony. If to use two-three styles within one room, integrating only the main ideas of each direction into an interior, it is possible to receive practical, convenient from the point of view of operation, comfortable and at the same time esthetic design of a drawing room.

Glass and skin in design of a drawing room

Original mix of the ideas

Democratic character, severity of lines and forms, the simplicity of furniture and practicality regarded as of paramount importance – all these motives in modern stylistics from minimalism. It is optional to refuse completely to the family room a decor, but not fall into an excessive embellishment can be useful to many owners of apartments and households.

Minimalist situation

The spacious room with the minimum set of furniture, simple and accurate forms and lines, laconic combinations of flowers. The light and free rooms which are not deprived of a coziness and comfort – here modern style of registration of drawing rooms got that from minimalism.

Motives of minimalism

Minimalist moods in the bright embodiment

A few rural motives with which style of a country so abounds can be integrated also into a modern interior. For example, ceiling beams from roughly finished wood or a small little table support with chips and chips, deliberately negligent processing, can become original objects of a modern interior. The similar ideas not only will be urgent for the drawing rooms located in country houses, but also in rooms of city apartments with a big area.

Echoes of style of a country

Country little table in a modern drawing room

There are in modern stylistics also motives of traditional styles of registration of rooms. What there can be more classical, than a drawing room with a fireplace? But if earlier the center was reverted with a natural stone or a brick, Contemporary Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas decorated with a stucco molding and a marble tile, then in modern drawing rooms the fireplace is reverted with artificial material and, as a rule, goes together with the TV over it. Such arrangement not only saves the place, but also helps zoning of space.