Concrete floors in the garage.

The base of concrete — is the first step to equip your garage. This coating is inexpensive and durable, it has excellent resistance to harsh operating conditions. But it also has significant drawbacks: increased dust formation and poor resistance to dirt.

The top layer of concrete gradually wears away, and the floors are covered by ugly grayish bloom. Dirt and chemicals that abound in the garage, soak coating that promotes sustainable and unpleasant odors in the room. However, this situation can be avoided if the concrete foundation is protected with special facilities.

The floors of reinforced concrete in the garage
This can be either special impregnation or paint. But it is necessary to say that their life is small — from one to three years. Therefore, you have to constantly deal with the repair of the floors. If you are not happy with such a prospect, but can cover concrete with liquid polymer floors. They have excellent performance characteristics and have a life span of tens of years.
The main thing when pouring the concrete base — just keep the technology. Otherwise, the coating will begin to crack and subsequently disintegrate.
The best basis for floor in the garage is an integral reinforced concrete slab, abutting on the base construction. However, it will require considerable effort filling, special equipment and an invitation of team of workers, all of this will significantly increase the construction time and cost. Therefore, this method is usually selected when arranging the base floor in the garage.
They are organized in terms of crop marks of a socle or slightly above.
The thickness of the concrete should be about 8 / 10cm. Before pouring the soil solution is thoroughly cleaned and aligned horizontally. If you need bedding, it is performed from sand or fine gravel with further packing.
The mixture of the brand M200 / 300 can be ordered in the finished concrete plant or either cooked yourself. Base on the following proportions: 1 proportion of cement, two parts of sand and three shares of gravel or crushed stone.

In order to get an even coat, pull cords or set at the level solid plaster beacons of profile pipes. Do not forget to expand the reinforcing mesh. Pour concrete with cards, trying to do it continuously. If you set the beacons, place the solution in strips between them.
After the mixture grabs carefully powertrowel and smooth coating. You can equip a finishing coat on the base 28 days after it fills.